Ruddy Season

That time of the year again, festive spirit of holy Christmas and New Year around. But what kind of holiday season beginning has this one been?  Actual red and ruddy Christmas, full of blood, bullets, terrorist attacks all around!!

In our Sydney city, recent Martin Place siege scared the whole city off. This is the suburb I had worked in for several years.

In Pakistan’s Peshawar city, more than 100 school children have been killed.  And today again I read the news about a mother who has killed her 8 children.  This was in Cairns Australia.

Well. Gloomy stuff. But one should always hope for the best. Move on is not the right word, but go out and try to enjoy the festivities.

Other than these incidents that deter celebrations, otherwise too things have changed for me over the years, at personal level .

Christmas holidays used to be an awaited time, esp. when my son was in school. Till Santa was real for him, Christmas held a special meaning. I came to Australia when he was almost three and now he’s 21.  We became kind of Hindu-Christians or should I say Christian-Hindus…I mean following both religions in one way or the other. Proving further the irrelevance of any one religion, or in fact benefit and relevance of imbibing goodness prevalent in all religions.

My son and I both like to sing, so come December, singing of carols became a regular feature. He plays violin, or at least used to.

But as my son grew up, things changed. More recently there has been lesser anticipation of any holidays. And yet, for us it’s never so boring or dull that we can’t wait the festive season to be over.

At the same time it’s not so exhilarating that we can say we have not had enough of it.

It’s now more a matter of fact kind of thing.  A balanced approach without any hype and hullabaloo. Of course, besides food and some simple family outings, one thing is always there, that is, post-Christmas sales and some shopping in January when most stores go 80% off.

So, like every other year, this year too we’ll see what we can do in these holidays to make our lives better, if not that of others.

My son when he was little

~~~~ ~~~~

I wrote this post last year. It was in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Getting Seasonal.
The prompt asked us about holiday season: “Can’t get enough of it, or can’t wait for it all to be over already?  Has our attitude toward the end-of-year holidays changed over the years?”

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