DIY – Leaky Showers

  Leaky Showers – Easy Fix

I always thought
were my forte
my neglected skills
I must learn them
rather relearn

last Sunday
home alone
bath-shower got leaky
shower dripping
hot water bursting
all round flooding

long time back
had learnt the skill
of fixing leaky taps
of changing washers
off and on

this DIY skill
now came handy
thankfully I survived
but at the same time
I realised

that fine arts
please our soul
quench our heart
help us connect
to nature
to God
to after-life

but it is
the basic skills
fixing leaky showers
that help us
live, survive
and easily fix
our daily life

you see
things went wrong
I applied
my DIY skill
all was right in the world


The above poem “Leaky Showers” is based on my recent experience, when shower tap burst open. My basic skills in plumbing and carpentry were handy, but one can do better. With our habit of closing the water taps too tightly, and with men of the family on perpetual tours, woman these days have to be know-all

If I Had a Hammer

Easy Fix

7 thoughts on “DIY – Leaky Showers

  1. Hey Alka,
    Sometimes while doing certain things,we start to think.. if we do this or learn this.. will it be of any use in our my life? And most of the time we quit learning it. We think by doing such things we are wasting our time. Not actually.Whatever we learn will be useful in our life.:)). Nothing goes in vain:)

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  2. Rightly said Upen. Of course with limited time at our disposal in life, we can’t learn everything with equal expertise and there has to be a division of labor in the society. But one can assess one’s needs and environment, and then decide and prioritise learning.
    In India, help is readily available for most menial tasks at decent rates. In the west, with greater dignity of labor, expenses are high for very easy plumbing or carpentry jobs, or even say basic household work. Here we learn ways to do most things at home while still paying for the unavoidable.
    For getting a simple tap washer fixed on a weekend/holiday, if somebody doesn’t mind paying $150 to $200, then that doesn’t show a great attitude. It’s not just our earnings but our sensible spending that makes us save what we earn.

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