Gifted by Nature

Reward is…
after a tiring day
coming home
to be greeted by
a vista of
Stunning Indigo Sky 

Indigo Sunset –  all photographs taken by me from my own backyard – on the same day.




“Hold on to your divine blush, your innate rosy magic, or end up brown.
Once you’re brown, you’ll find out you’re blue. As blue as indigo.
And you know what that means. Indigo. Indigoing. Indigone.”

Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

For: The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge: Reward

Previously posted on: One Word Photo Challenge: Indigo

© All rights reserved 2015

14 thoughts on “Gifted by Nature

    • Thanks a lot Ashok ji. Nature is amazing indeed.
      But such natural phenomenon as seen in these pictures is meant to be captured without delay as the sky changes every minute during sunrise or sunset.
      Before we know it…the rosy magic becomes indigo…indigone


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