Fairy Tales or Gory Tales

My two poems in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Once Upon a Time.”

Fairy Tales or Gory Tales
Girls, do you think, after a while
In the middle of ordinary life
Love will come from somewhere
And give you a fairy tale?

No prince will come on a white horse
And sweep you off your feet
Modern princes are out for fun
Romance and love is not their need

Modern Cinderella dreams of Gucci
She’s not happy with her faded jeans
She’s not happy mopping the floor
She dreams of luxury fit for a queen

Fairy tales and false dreams
Are for the faint hearted
At the end of the day
Life is a harsh reality

Life is meant to be lived
Hour by hour, day by day
Living is meant to be earned
Drop by drop, penny by penny

Love won’t come and woo you
Love is meant to be reached out
Love is meant to be earned
To be given more, with less return

So girls watch out!!  Once in while
In the middle of ordinary life
Love may come from nowhere
To give you a nightmare

Because…keep in mind
Life is not a fairy tale
It’s more painful than a fairy tale
Yet more beautiful than a fairy tale

***   ***   ***

Modern Cinderella

Once upon a time…
there lived a funky girl
who was as cool as
her designer clothes
and as vibrant as
her shoe collection.
Shoes that she never lost
like dumb Cinderella did

She had a few boy-friends
To one, she became a wife
Both had a few lovely kids
Both paid-off their mortgage
to own their house
Both traveled the world
and lived happily
till they could

© All rights reserved 2015

3 thoughts on “Fairy Tales or Gory Tales

  1. Fairy tales keep people dreaming and nature provides happiness…but one has to keep coming back to the reality of daily world. And yet one can always appreciate life even when working hard.


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