Life Diary

For Life Memories

I want to live
while I can

Don’t want to die
before I die

What can I write
about my death

If could not write
about my life

Don’t ask to write
my obituary

Coax me to write
my life diary

As I have so much
good or bad to say

Which to the readers
will surely convey

How to live your life
and how not to

What things to do
what certainly not to

Before any mood to die
get into mood to live

Life is to be lived
death not be waited

(In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “In Loving Memory.”.  Write your own obituary.)

© All rights reserved 2015

7 thoughts on “Life Diary

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  2. Hi Alka,

    I have always avoided obituaries…it is my way of reading, I usually quit midway when something unpleasant crops up unless it is too interesting and holds me by the hand. I love this perspective…’coax me to write my life diary’…when life is so challenging, so adventurous and new every single day…what is the need to write an obituary?

    Thanks for looking at it from another angle, which is the right-angle!

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    • Balroop, I think most of us feel that way. No wonder this prompt was not found appealing rather appalling hence most bloggers didn’t write their obituary. Some, like me, changed the angle while others laughed it away by writing a funny obituary. And you are so right. We are not able to live life enough. Every life is as if there should be more to it. We want to make the most of it…forever searching for answers when alive. There is no time to think about death and its repercussions, even if we all know it is forever looming on every living being. Scary stuff to discuss 🙂
      But now one thing is sure. Our comments and my poem will be read by others even when I am no more.

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