Laughing Matters

So. The Happiness Engineers at Word Press want us to laugh and go Ha Ha Ha. They want us to share jokes with fellow bloggers. After writing my previous serious article, I myself needed to clear up the heavy air looming over my blog.

Indeed, one should laugh and make others laugh.

As the saying goes, ‘Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone’.  Going by the quote, it’s so easy to make (real or fake) friends. All you have to do is, just don’t share your problems too much but make others laugh as much as you can. That’s what a clown does. He might be crying inside his heart but he makes the whole world laugh. As also said by Charlie Chaplin,  ‘Mirror is my best friend, because when I cry it never laughs’.

Laughing is good for other reasons too. Say, if smoking a cigarette reduces life by 5 minutes and laughing increases life by 10 minutes, then a laughing smoker never dies. That was a stale joke that came into my mind. But hope you got the message. Laughter increases your longevity. The bigger the dose, the better.


Naughty Kookaburra.  image: flickr

The problem is, having a full-hearted open laugh is not so easy. People who have not laughed out loud for a long time, find it very hard to do so. To open one’s mouth wide, show one’s teeth, make a ha ha ha sound, to everyone’s hearing.  For a woman it can even be a greater challenge to decide how much to laugh, a question of looking dainty as well as a pleasant personality.

But we do come across men and women who laugh full-throttle, quite like our good-humored Australian Laughing Kookaburra does (see the birdie laughing video). In any gathering we can see such happy men and women get popular because of their hearty laugh while the demure humans go unnoticed.  So you see – there are many advantages of laughing.

Moreover, such laughter is contagious. If one Kookaburra laughs, others join in, informs Wikipedia:  ‘One bird starts with a low, hiccuping chuckle, then throws its head back in raucous laughter: often several others join in’.  Likewise, if one human laughs, can others be far behind? That is how Laughter Yoga and Laughter Clubs work.

Laughing may not come easy to everyone but smiling is not hard, for one and all. ‘If a loser smiles after losing the game, the winner loses the thrill of his victory‘. That’s the power of a Smile !  If you don’t even look like a loser, rather you look happy despite your loss, then you have almost won the game.  Even those who were happy to see you losing, who were kind of putting you down, will feel challenged and are left wondering – ‘Huh! The game was easy but this person is not an easy game’.

Moreover, after losing, if you look happy instead of crying, people will consider you a large-hearted sportsman spirit. Maybe you are not. Maybe not at all. But what’s the point telling it to the whole world?

Bah!!  What’s wrong with me? Why do I have to be philosophic even about a simple prompt like ‘Ha Ha Ha‘.  All they had asked for is a joke or a funny anecdote.  I’ll try this time.

Behind every successful man there is a woman……
Because women don’t run behind unsuccessful men!!

Hah!  Again, that was not really a joke. Was it?  Here’s a real one, straight out of my poor-jokes wardrobe:

Someone asked a ninety-five year old man:   “Even after 70 years of marriage, you still refer to your wife as…Darling…Sweety…Baby…Honey…Luv….!!!!  What is the secret of such love between you two???

The man replied:  “I forgot her name 10 yrs ago……and I’m scared to ask her.”

Did this joke make you laugh?  Well, I tried. Watch this laughing baby and try joining him in his hahaha.

Animals and children do take it easy. If laughing out loud still doesn’t come easy, at least keep smiling, and sooner or later life will be tired of upsetting you…


No offense was meant by my joke/s towards any age-group or gender. We all have to inevitably go through various phases of life, maybe suffer things worse than Dementia, that too only if we happen to live that long.

Header:  Art by Hazel Bowman – Blessed Is The Gift Of Laughter

19 thoughts on “Laughing Matters

  1. I love to laugh — but I am more a quirky writer than a funny writer so, I write from what I know. I do like your laughing bird reference — how lovely that one starts with a hiccup and all of them eventually begin to laugh together! Nice.

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    • Thanks for your lovely comments about the bird reference. Will pass it on to kookaburras here, they’ll be happy 🙂 I’m sure no one ever compliments them as they are considered a pest.
      Although I still have to read your inspiring work but yours is a nice style, personal and warm, and you do have a smiling/laughing picture. I am the serious boring one telling others to laugh. Need to apply it on myself first.

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  2. Hi Alka,

    That is a wonderful post…it is so easy to laugh but so challenging to write about what makes us laugh and how people react to it and how much to laugh!

    This reminds me of my laughter when we were growing into teens and were restricted from laughing out loud, one of my aunts always pointed out that it is not good to laugh loudly but I am glad I never heeded her advice and can laugh at full throttle spontaneously!

    Whenever the staff-room resounded with loud laughter, my Principal would assume that one of those must be me and would summon me to her room!! Sometimes she was told that I was in the class!

    I have always felt that laughter too needs to flow like our thoughts, like the river, like the cooing of pigeons. Thanks for such a lovely article.

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    • Hi Balroop

      That’s true. Defining an emotion and weighing its pros and cons is harder than going through the actual emotion. As to what makes us laugh…often something makes other people laugh but we are unmoved, which means either we are not in a mood to rejoice or else we have a slightly different taste of things.
      Timing is also important.

      Quite a few years ago, I saw some of the current Indian comedy shows for the first time as before that we didn’t have Indian channels here. So when I initially saw these programs I used to laugh a lot at their every dialogue, much more than what others did. Surprisingly, over the years now that I have seen too many of these shows, I watch them blankly if ever, rather sometimes I find them cheap. Thus, we change all the time.

      When my son was around four years old, for a few years he (and his dad) used to watch telecast of Seinfield every evening. Every move of Kramer and every dialogue from Raymond’s mouth made my little boy go ha ha ha. I used to ask him ‘Do you understand what he’s saying?’ He said, ‘I do’. But I doubt it as he was so little. Maybe he felt some affinity with their TV family. So kids don’t need permission before laughing out loud or crying when they want to.

      I enjoyed reading about your spontaneous laughter during teen years and later. I too was like that. People used to know me as a girl who ‘giggles a lot with her uneven teeth showing’.
      I am assuming you were a teacher in India or is it the U.S. you are talking about?

      I like your analogy – laughter should be like ‘cooing of pigeons’. Thanks for sharing your refreshing views 🙂


      • This reminds me of that show – Friends – when my children were quite young, barely entering their teens, they would laugh even before the dialogues were spoken and I could barely smile, asking them what is so funny!

        Yes, Indian comedy shows started well and were good in the beginning but with the passage of time degenerated into unbelievable ways to evoke laughter. Now they have become so unwatchable!

        Yes, I am talking about my teaching experiences when I was in India.

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  4. Thanks for a great post! I was out the other night with a girl who had the best laugh, every time I heard it, it made me join in. I want a laugh like that…

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    • Thanks 🙂 That’s the point I was making as I too often find it hard to have a hearty laugh. Probably it comes from the inside or else these human kookaburras too learnt it from another human kookaburra, from their parents, siblings or friends.

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  5. LAUGH !
    That’s one gift we humans have got.
    The best thing we can do is LAUGH.
    Are!! LAUGH,
    Taking best use of it.
    I am to inform you that I have Dedicated one post on You.
    Please visit my blog and comment there.
    Now LAUGH !


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