Life Signals

This week, Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge has some challenging but, as usual, meaningful words.  The two words given to us were:  Field & Beacon.


Each week, upon seeing the provided words, I get signals of many related thoughts hence multiple Haikus are born. But this time only one signal was the strongest. I captured it and now writing it as a Haiku…


In the field of life
Many a beacon beep
But we pay no heed

In our everyday life as we walk down our path we are often caught unaware, or so we think.

We complain that all too suddenly we had a bad time. In fact, it is we ourselves who land up into such times despite ample warnings, subtle or vivid, that tell us to beware…to watch out.

Look out for signals, listen to your gut feelings, your intuitive mind.
If something seems wrong, it usually is.  If it feels right, go ahead.

If your own inner voice deserts you, then have a few reliable mentors or guides within your seemingly well-wishing friends or family. Gain insight from their simple suggestions.

Now, which friend or relative is your true well-wisher and which one is not, this important decision is again hard to make and this itself can be misleading.  For this, you will again need to have your own beacon working in your ability to recognize people.

Do you agree with my views? Did you have such experiences where you just missed or over-looked the signals that were around you?
Do share so that others can gain your insight without undergoing the actual experience.


signal –  when used as noun as well as verb, imparts dual meaning.


Every week, after the weekly Haiku Challenge is over, Ronovan reviews all submitted poems and selects two Haiku each week – one for humor and the other a serious Haiku.

My above poem ‘Life Signals’ was chosen in the category of serious Haiku: review of Challenge 36


© All rights reserved 2015

header: ‘poppy field’ by claude monet

12 thoughts on “Life Signals

    • Thank you for appreciating my post and being able to relate to it 🙂 Possibly you can’t share it here. May good God guide and bless everyone who is faced by any such situation/s.


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  2. Wow, I am so loving you having joined the Challenge community. Great Haiku, Great structure. Wonderful meaning, And you take it and give it to us as a lesson of love. Wow. You are awesome! Again, thank you so much for joining. I visit you and am able to think. I love to think. Oddly in life things are so routine we aren’t able to have that opportunity. You are amazing.
    Much Respect


    • Thanks a lot Ronovan for such appreciative comments. In fact, I should be thankful to your lovely Haiku Challenge community as I am not just inspired to write and think more but am learning a lot via this process. That’s indeed true – in our routine life there are not many occasions to think this deeply about life issues.
      Thanks again for the opportunity to take part in the challenge.

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  3. As to your questions. I believe I did miss some signs about things, well not signs but flat out signals. Life altering signals. Some had nothing to do with the ability of another to help. Now I have a voice that will speak out and tell me even if it may upset me, but I recognize it is out of love and concern. Knowing that I take it and pay attention to it. I mull it over. I don’t always take the advice. Sometimes the advice is looking in a different direction than I am heading. But it’s nice to have that given to me. Sometimes I might look at it and think, actually that wasn’t anywhere near what this was about, but I think I like that better.

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    • Thanks for sharing your perspective on this topic. It seems like most lives do constitute of experiences of having missed vital signals. The consequences of missing these signals may vary for each person.
      Maturity and wisdom is of course in reaching a mental stage where we are able to listen to our inner voice as well as identify which external advice is to be thankfully taken and which other though not actually taken but still be respected for what it is – an offering though not meant for us.

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  4. I do agree with your views on this subject. So often we do not hear or see the beacon showing us the direction. I once went on an interview and I knew that it was not right. Everything inside me said, “Stop!” But I decided I needed the money. I soon found my license and career in jeopardy. That was a messy wake up call. I have been more attentive to that little voice inside. If I can’t hear it or feel it, I don’t do it.

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