Self-Help: The Best Guru!

Mentor I have none
I badly need one

When I said this to one
Who looked wise and sound

She said to me point blank
She herself needs one.

She gave me a counsel sound
That I will not forget soon

That no one in this world can
Mentor you as you yourself can

We are our own true guide
In ourselves we must take pride.

Prompt:  Mentor Me
Have you ever had a mentor? What was the greatest lesson you learned from him or her?

2 thoughts on “Self-Help: The Best Guru!

  1. Hi Alka,

    Yes, we do take pride in our abilities and potential but isn’t mentor a bit different from self-help?
    A mentor is a blessing if s/he guides with panache. Self-help is also a learned process, which percolates slowly with observation and experience. ‘No man is an island in himself’…I had read it long ago and came to understand slowly that we need a mentor in each and every phase of life…mother, in the initial stages, teacher who might become a role model, friend who might even misguide…boss who could inspire, success in itself is the most effective mentor. The wealth of our learning is gathered like that, in the company of people around us.

    Thanks for sharing a thought provoking poem.

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    • Thanks Balroop for sharing your views. I agree with you on all points. Of course all the people you mentioned play a role of our mentors in different phases of life, esp. when we are growing up. This was my spontaneous poem in response to the prompt. Many years ago, this is what one woman had advised me when I asked for her suggestions. I had some decisions to take, she advised a few times then asked me to activate my self-learning.

      I too like the poem you mentioned – ‘No man is an island…’. From time to time I have been guided by many people but they were almost here today gone tomorrow. But their teachings, advice, life lessons stay on 🙂

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