Karmic Blunders

Two Karmic Poems…

Karma, I learnt, is a real thing
You pay off all the debts you owe
You shall reap all that you sow
It all comes back, out that goes

History repeats itself
Till lessons are learnt.
If we don’t focus
Our toast will be burnt

Everyday, karma shows its ways
The day I sleep late, I wake up late.
If I give love, I get love
They give me hate, I give hate

To improve my karma
I will have to change.
They may give hate or disdain
I should give love and care

If others hurt me, I instantly cry
If I hurt others then also I cry.
To change my karma, I’ll now change
If others hurt me, I’ll never cry

Law of Karma sets me free
I have free-will to create my life.
If I change my habits now
It can improve my future life

Karma says, you do things
but aren’t the doer, He does it all.
Stay detached, work without desires
And you shall never fall…


Karma chameleon changes colour
As per your own karma.

Presence of good deeds is good karma
Presence of bad deeds is bad karma
Absence of bad deeds, good karma?
Absence of good deeds, bad karma?

Doing no deeds, is also karma
Thoughts and intentions also karma
Good thoughts are good karma
Bad thoughts are bad karma

Your karmic blunders ripple
to your children’s karma.
As they pay and emulate
the exemplar of your karma


So you agree with my above thoughts? Feel free to comment and share your views.

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Karma Chameleon

© All rights reserved by alkagirdhar.wordpress.com 2015

3 thoughts on “Karmic Blunders

  1. “If I hurt others then also I cry.” … So true!
    Yes I agree we should give love even if we get hatred but know when to stop! We should free ourselves from negativity of any form.
    And bad thoughts also bad karma?? Almost all of us will be in trouble then?!! Hehe
    Overall, great message in 2 great poems. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • True, it’s a very difficult path to keep liking/bearing all those who dislike/criticize…as all negativity comes on us like a slow poison.

      But if one has patience, then no harm trying to change the other person by giving love, by not reacting, or by finding out the true cause of their hatred and insecurity. This may eventually break the cycle of dislike they have. If two people/parties hate each other mutually then it runs forever.
      And yet, there’s a limit to our tolerance and patience. So run away from the scenario if it is too negative.

      Bad thought? We sit thinking and brooding, if that is karma then bad thoughts become bad karma. Constant thoughts in one direction take shape of action sooner or later, even if in discrete form.
      Intention and motive is everything. Criminal Intent means a lot in legal terms too.

      And thanks for liking my poems, just written spontaneously 🙂 Need to review them.

      Liked by 1 person

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