Shine after Rain…

It never rains but it pours.  When It pours… it pours and pours. We get our miseries (as well as happiness) in abundance…and if something bad happens then simultaneously other bad things come knocking, leaving us confused as to what to do.

But here in Sydney, for the last three days we saw the physical and literal meaning of this saying being carried out. Sydney and other areas in NSW experienced ‘super storm’ of the century.  Along with heavy downpour came whole bundle of problems that continued from Monday to Wednesday.

The rain itself was something that had not been seen in the last 100 years. It was accompanied by gushing cyclonic winds with a speed of above 90 km/h and up to 130 km/h.

Overall life within the city was influenced what with commuting and transport rendered extremely difficult if not impossible. More than 200 traffic signals in Sydney area were out of service on Wednesday morning.  School closures took place, offices too closed or became relaxed about staff presence for all these three days.

In such a weather, electricity is needed the most but in parts of NSW, around 200,000 homes went without power.  As if that wasn’t enough, flash flooding influenced thousands of homes, with some houses going under water.


On a personal front also, the same misery.  Three muggy days.

Even if I tried to avoid going out as much as possible but inside the house also day and night one had to bear the sound of rain lashing noisily on the roof as well as window panes. P1060005It was a pain to patiently watch the plants in the yard suffer as wild weather vicitimized them ruthlessly. Couldn’t save some of my plants but felt good giving shelter to birds that spent hours in my back porch/verandah. These unexpected guests left my home well fed.

But in the evening it was something urgent so I had to venture out in heavy rains although it was dark even before five pm, esp. as early winter sets in. I was already caught in this weather, on top of that my car remote stopped working.  I fumbled while trying to open the door with the car key, something I’m not used to plus visibility was poor so I stood there fully drenched locating the key-hole. On top of that I observed one of the head-lights wasn’t working properly. Thus I messed up the car seats as I drove fully dripping and on the way back picked up my son at train station who was even more soaked from head to toe.

Imagine what it  means to enter your house fully wet, with soggy bags and dripping clothes. P1060017Then waddle through the puddle in front of the outer door while downpour is full stream.  Foot mats become useless in this weather.  Full of water, completely soggy. Teaches a lesson to always have extra door mats or keep old towels spare and handy to serve the purpose. Anything to avoid the house getting messy (ier).

While the government will have a tough time cleaning up and calculating the costs incurred by this storm, at home front for me too another day was gone drying all these wet items and cleaning the house. My two umbrellas, the only good ones I had, sacrificed their lives serving their owners. Cruel death after complete disfigurement.

After three murky days, today on Thursday morning…”it” came out.  It comes out everyday. Ok. But when it goes disappearing for a few days at a stretch, only then we know what we are missing.  I’m talking about the round golden thing that peeps up through some distant eastern horizon to shine and brighten our day. In summers we almost dislike it but after such heavily foggy and soggy three days…today our sun seemed like a complete blessing.

See. Every storm, big or small, passes away sooner or later.  Thus thinking I let the rays of bright sunlight fall on my uncovered arms and face, and relished its warmth.


Today’s sunset from my backyard seemed special…


For The Daily Post’s writing prompt” Slash and Burn


Also for One Word Photo Challenge: Storm 

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14 thoughts on “Shine after Rain…

  1. Alka,
    I am glad that you had rain because we have had none for a long time and no hope for another year. But saddened that you had some car trouble but glad that you managed to drive safely through the downpour.
    God bless !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, either way it’s bad. Any excess be it of rain or shine. Thanks for your concern. One can consider it as an adventure drive.
      Strangely, once it’s over, like today it is calm again, we feel as if the storm didn’t even come.

      Liked by 1 person

      • So true, as in life itself. Once the storm has passed, we think were we the people who cried and lamented last week ? Can’t believe it now . Goes to show, behind every cloud is a silver lining.
        Thank you for sharing and I think the occasion calls for one of your famous poems.

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  2. Yes Alka, we realise how precious the sunlight is after we have been deprived of it for a few days. Hope you are safe and the weather has improved. This post reminds me of those coastal areas which have to bear the brunt of cyclones and the most tragic tsunami of December 2004 in Indian Ocean.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Indeed it is so Balroop esp as winters are approaching in this part of the world. The weather has improved now but it’s overall cloudy. Australia is a sunny place. Generally speaking we should not be in dread of anything like tsunami but nature has strange ways, like we see in some rare natural disasters. Thanks for your views 🙂


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