Somebody has to Help. Links to Help Nepal !

Yesterday, another earthquake struck Nepal. Last month’s earthquake on the 25th April 2015 left more than 8000 dead. Hundreds of thousands are homeless and they need food, shelter, medicines, clothing and every other possible help.

I’ve donated via online sites. Whatever we give is like a drop in the ocean but every drop matters to those who have nothing left.

Here I have compiled some trustworthy links where you can donate online. Some of these accept Paypal, others accept as low as $5. Spend some time looking at each site and read what’s going on.

1).  Donate using Credit Card or PayPal via  World Vision:    Nepal Earthquake 

2).  Donate via UNICEF:  Help Nepal 

3).  Donate via SOS Children’s Village:  Nepal Earthquake

4).  Donate only $5 (minimum amount) via International Medical Corps: Support Nepal

5).  Donate using Credit Card or PayPal via Care International Nepal Appeal
Care International
Go to the above link and scroll down to see links for different countries – Care Australia,   Canada, India etc

6).  Donate via Credit Card or Paypal via Global Giving:   Nepal Fund

7.  Donate via Red Cross Australia:   Nepal Region Earthquake Appeal

8).  Donate via Caritas Australia:  Nepal Earthquake Appeal

9).  Groupon Australia asks for only $5 minimum. Affordable for everyone:  Groupon

Useful things to know before you donate – where and how of it.

I have no personal connection to any of these sites –  just a small step to connect large-hearted people with those who are in dire need. My fellow bloggers can share to facilitate maximum exposure to other bloggers.


The fact remains, somebody has to help them.  Those who badly need help, can’t help themselves.
These are destructive Forces of Nature in these Himalayan regions prone to such natural disasters.

Thanks for reading !!

Image/s source: google

8 thoughts on “Somebody has to Help. Links to Help Nepal !

    • Thanks! Of course most churches and other religious organisations are already working there generously. Here too we’ve already collected a lot – clothing and other beneficial stuff.
      Other than that, these online sites are also reliable for those who have no time except for depositing plain cash. These sites are still seeking donations so obviously more and more is needed, and is going to be so for a long time.

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