To Love the Coming and Going of Seasons

If we want, we can be happy in every season.

A heart full of love is the prime reason, that even when all seasons turn, turn, turn they still carry a special beautiful meaning for us. Here, by love I mean love between young or old lovers, between happily married couples or love within your family, friends and general humanity.

Our age and vitality is another reason. By age, I do not mean just physically young age with its plentiful energy and zeal to live, but also the youthfulness of heart in people who are ‘young at heart’.

Which means, to a generally happy and content heart, all seasons seem good.  An unhappy heart will not even notice the change in seasons. Thus, abundant love and youthful feelings at any age can make us look forward to any season.

When love sprouts in our heart early on, everything is romantic and wears a rosy sheen.P1050651 Spring flowers and bird songs carry a special meaning for a heart in love.

Likewise, heavy rain that is at its worst during a full-swing rainy season, may often be abhorred by others around you, but if you are in a desirable company of someone you love, you won’t mind walking in the rain for miles, even without umbrella. Similarly, a group of youthful (young at heart) friends in a mood to enjoy rainy season will love every drop of water falling on their fresh faces. For the same reason, sitting indoors in our home and hearth with our families, even when wild rain thuds and creates noise, is far from scary. Rainy season becomes a family occasion for special food being cooked, a charming fun event.

For a person with heart full of love, dry autumn leaves seem to sway and fall gracefully; and walking on crunchy leaves hand-in-hand with your loved one creates a rustling music like in no other season does.

Likewise, winters too seem unpleasantly cold only if our hearts have gone cold and frozen. Oh for the love that melts ice in our hearts, the chill within relationships!  These clichéd thoughts remind me of the song ‘Frozen’ by Madonna, and the lyrics ‘you’re frozen, when your heart’s not open

Oh well! That was one way of viewing seasons, that is, accepting the reality that it is our personal feelings that make seasons influence us positively or negatively. Too much happiness and too much unhappiness render us oblivious to any good or bad changes around us.

And yet, other than our personal moods, there is also a certain practical and physical side to it. The hard facts. On seeing myriad colorful flowers and after inhaling sudden fragrances of spring, even a very sad unloved person is liable to cheer up for the time being. That is the power of nature and flowers. To a person in a normal mood, most fruit and flower trees anyway give greater joy during spring season.

Some time ago, during late spring, this fig tree in my yard was lush green and full of figs, but now so barren, with every fruit and leaf gone. Few days ago, in early winters, on seeing a few off-season figs, I felt sudden joy and delight, more than on seeing a tree full of figs in their full season.

Which means, other than love in our hearts that makes us sensitive towards seasons, there is some definite impact of seasonal changes via physical beauty of nature, as also through other physical consequences of changing seasons, esp. the extremes of heat and cold.  Ask a homeless and poor person which season he/she likes the best. Can’t be winters. And even a rich person, who is badly susceptible to catching flu in winters, cannot be in love with this season, even though he/she can afford best possible medical help.

Moreover, shorter winter days seem to be generally less productive. Physical mobility is also less if one finds it hard to wake up early and go to work. But that means, winters provide plenty of rest and warm snug sleep. Now that too is a blessing if not carried too far! Other than that if and when sun comes out during winters, which is plentiful in Australia, it is highly welcome.

That way, summers get many things done what with their longer sunny hours. But then again summers produce scorching heat accompanied by physical exhaustion throughout the day. Nature counteracts this by providing treasures of summer fruits, that we can top up with drinks and ice-creams.


Rain drops today – from my front door

See, I can go on and on and justify that all seasons are good if we have open hearts, and as for our comfort, well nature shows a balancing act in all seasons.

Personally speaking, at all times in life, whether there is abundant love or no love around me, extreme happiness or no happiness, I have no complaint with any season. For I am lucky that I am not homeless during severe heat, cold or rain. I count my blessings, that I still have many reasons to be happy in life, irrespective of seasonal tantrums and turnovers.

~~~ ~~~

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Turn, Turn, Turn
Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

. Also for WPC photo prompt Seasons


Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar

18 thoughts on “To Love the Coming and Going of Seasons

  1. All the seasons have their own beauty and charm(except for the summer. It feels like as if I am in an oven here :D).
    Nicely portrayed the picture of seasons with your words. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Amrit! You are right. I know, our Indian summers 🙂 Days are like oven (bhatti) but evenings are still ok esp if there is cool breeze. In summer season one can be out till late evening/night whereas in winters one has to get in early.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, evenings bring relief in the faces of many. I am worried about the summer as it is too harsh on farmers because the majority of Indian people are villagers and they rely on farming. Just months ago, 2000 people died of heat wave. Maybe we need to think of some way to bring rain like artificial rain, like China is doing now.


        • Yes, that’s a very bad situation that we can’ t imagine going through. .
          It’s good to see young people like you thinking deeply about social issues and for those who are suffering. A person who thinks like this is able to bring about at least some changes in the society around him/her.

          If artificial rain works, they should take action quickly.
          This rain is created via cloud seeding, in which rockets loaded with silver iodide are sent into clouds. This helps the clouds form ice crystals that,melt and fall to earth as rain.
          Some scientists say it has side-effects, like over the years too much silver is absorbed by the soil and this excess silver eventually harms the residents’ health.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Thank you for the compliment, but I hardly live my own life, spending most of the time working in a company. So I express these kind of thoughts in words so that I keep my sanity and don’t blame others for everything. But many people are participating actively to benefit others. They are doing the real job.
            China produces about 50 billion tons of artificial rain and aims to increase it. Even America is also doing that. No doubt there will be some disadvantages, but I think pros outweigh the cons, that’s why they are implementing.

            Liked by 1 person

          • That’s ok. Career is very important and other activities can be carried out side-by-side.
            Thanks for sharing information about how successfully other countries are benefiting from artificial rain. If other countries have done it, then India should try it out soon.


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