A Fateful Union – Jupiter & Venus

venus-jupiterWe converge tonight
Oh! What a sight
For enchanted onlookers

We come close
As close as we can be.
But destined to drift apart

While we are here
Let’s make the most
Of union that’s meant to be


The two planets that are actually millions of kilometers apart, appear very close tonight. After three days like this, they will again drift apart.

Scientists call this phenomenon a conjunction. Circumstances where two celestial bodies appear to be very close together in the sky, but actually they’re separated by millions or hundreds of millions of miles or even light years.

15 thoughts on “A Fateful Union – Jupiter & Venus

  1. Beautiful words…I have always been mesmerized and in awe with the wonder of our celestial bodies and its movement, these are hundreds and even millions of years away from us and still we see them and see them as if they are next to us, and in such magical phenomena where they appear to have come close to each other is rare and we don’t know how to react or respond to such phenomenon.
    Yes, these converge tonight and then they drift away, these are such wonderful moments we stay wandering…lovely picture.
    Have a lovely weekend Alka and be blessed!!!

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    • Thanks for your views. Such phenomenon are really awe-inspiring and make us feel small. We see hidden meanings in them, there is something beyond all that is visible.
      Great weekend to you too!

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      • This indeed make us feel so small in front such phenomenon, but we miss these things and realize later, good that you reminded and such reminder keeps us aware and in touch with celestial events of such great significance…
        take care and have relaxed weekend.

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