skin tattoo?

with a sterile needle
you pierce my soul
seal the gaps
heal the holes
engrave your love
etch your kindness
leave a mark
some indelible stain
hard to rub off

I promise…
I’ll pass it on

Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Tattoo….You?
Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?

21 thoughts on “Tattoo…Me?

  1. Love this poem, Alka. I don’t have a tattoo myself, probably will never get one. I do know a few friends who have tattoos, and to them, getting inked is a serious thing. Lots of thought and preparation go into it. Some even wait for a long time to find the right tattoo artist to put the ink on them.

    Perhaps a fake tattoo for you then, one that you can rub off with baby oil? 😀 I’ve tried those loads as a kid and felt like a rebel.

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    • Thanks Mabel! You can try a small one 🙂
      Yes it’s a serious task to plan the pattern and then undergo so much pain to get the reward. I like the word ‘Tattoo artist’. Of course tattooing is an art, very intricate and fine drawing or should I say engraving that must come out beautiful without harming the skin being tattooed.
      Maybe you tried those tattoo stickers or stencils, did you?
      About me, yes it would be enough if I draw something on my arm with a black pen. Seriously speaking – I won’t mind a creative one on my back or shoulder but only if it’s painless.


      • Yes, I tried those tattoo stickers, the ones you can find in the kids section in many toy departments and shops. They do rub off after a few days, but replacing it really isn’t too much trouble 😉

        Tattoos are certainly every much an art today. Unfortunately the stereotype that those with tattoos are aggressive still exists today.

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        • I will try the tattoo stickers 🙂
          Actually the stereotypes that exist with many such things are not totally wrong. Only the bold and the daring try out such things while the demure (like us) shy away.

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  2. Hi Alka,

    My dislike for tattoo is skin deep. don’t know why but I have always detested the thought!
    We enjoy impermanent tattoos which children play with, its fun to put them in few seconds and erase them whenever we can!
    Reminds me of a very profound story I had read, taught and discussed with enthusiasm for many years…’The Background’ by Saki. You can read it here and enjoy:

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    • As for me, although I wrote in my poem ‘Never!!!’ I don’t dislike looking at it. At the same time I’m not so charmed that I’ll undergo the process. Painful procedures scare me as my pain threshold is very low. Actually, my own drawing and painting is good, esp. the fine intricate drawing as in henna application. That way I enjoy looking at the tattoo art drawn on the body parts. Intriguing but only from a distance.
      When I am free, I’ll read the story that you mentioned and let you know. Am sure it must be inspiring.


    • Thanks for liking my poem and for sharing your views! Some people totally dislike tatoos…there are others who like temporary ones, maybe just to indulge a bit and to be trendy.


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