Solid As a Rock…


This was the lush valley of Solan Hills where they both went to school together, played hand in hand and loved each other even when they didn’t know the meaning of love.  

The two sturdy rocks in the middle of soft grassy terrain was their favorite spot. They gave these rocks their own human names. They would sit leaning on their own rock and talk for hours.

But as they grew up they had to leave these meadows, where they both truly belonged.

He got a job in a far-off city. She followed him. They got married and the next sixty years slipped by bringing up a robust family.

But the pair had left their hearts behind – in their small town full of grassy mounts and proud rocks – the memories of which recurred in their dreams and always gave them strength.  

So when doctors told him he had terminal cancer, he pleaded that he wished to be buried next to his favorite rock in Solan. She nodded and reassured. 

They were two bodies and one soul. Soon after he breathed his last, she lost her will to live.

Their children brought them back to their playground and now they lie in deep sleep next to their favorite rocks.

The whole town remembers them as lovers who came back to where they came from.

*** *** ***

This is my first ever story attempt on my blog.  It’s in response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) , a story challenge hosted by Priceless Joy. 
The above photo prompt for the story was provided by Louise from The Storyteller’s Abode.

Thanks for reading! In my new found story-writing mood, I have written two more stories in response to the above photograph.  I reckon they are different if not better than the above story. You can read them here: Extracted Promises & Rocks that Talk

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

17 thoughts on “Solid As a Rock…

  1. Wonderful story! It tells how two lives came full circle. Very sweet and touching story! Welcome to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers! We are happy you have participated and I look forward to reading your future stories! Thank you for sharing your story with us. 🙂

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    • That’s amusing. But is it not a place of solace? Probably a diet rich in mushrooms and tomatoes helps in that.
      I was going to opt for Katoomba Hills near Sydney, but my fellow bloggers are mainly from the U.S. or India. Now at least a few readers can relate to Solan.

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  2. Excellently written story of love and emotions. I like this tale. The simple narrative style works well for this story.
    “They were two bodies and one soul. Soon after he breathed his last, she lost her will to live”
    This is a powerful sentence here and I like reading it 🙂
    Welcome to Flash Fiction and as PJ has said, keep on writing 🙂


    • Thanks for liking my story and the excerpts from it! 🙂
      That phrase is powerful as well as rare. Most people are able to live on without the person they are dependent on, though the quality of life changes.
      This was a story but personally speaking, I believe people shouldn’t live only for one person, and never die if your partner is gone. Greater reason to live should be the service of entire humanity. So many poor and needy people need us.

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  3. Nicely done! Such a sweet romantic couple giving their hearts to each other for life. It is sad that she passed so quickly, but nice that her children honored their wishes to be buried in their most cherished place. Welcome to WordPress blogging and I look forward to more of your writing. 🙂


    • Thanks! Here I wrote a story about rare love that was together for the whole life till the end. I too feel she didn’t have to die, as she could live for her children. But then how would I have written a story on these rocks 🙂 Thanks for the welcome! I’ve been blogging for the last few months, mainly poetry and articles of all sorts. I’m new only to story writing.


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