Playing these Games of Chance


Games of Chance

In the game of Bridge
As also in the game of Life
Chance decides our moves.

Yes it does. Those who completely believe in this, leave it all to chance.

Better still, when playing the game…learn the rules, focus, know your playing partners enough and be respectable towards the opponent. Even after that you may lose. That’s because a probability of always winning is low anyway.

Hence, make the most of what you have and enjoy while you’re at it…that’s the best you can do.


For:  Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 60.
Words provided this week:  Bridge & Move

Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar

28 thoughts on “Playing these Games of Chance

  1. Destiny deals out the cards, and one plays with the hand dealt, says the fatalist, implying that success or failure are again chance outcomes, depending on cards one is dealt with. Broadly true, but that does not mean there should not be any focus on prudent use of available skills and resources…best wishes, alka, enjoy your Bridge…

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    • By seeing success and failure as a chance matter, a fatalist gives control to outer attributes. Though we can’t change what we get at the outset, and throughout these two games there are many probabilities…but if conditions are same for every player around us, then it’s best to utilize the resources, play skilfully and not be intent just on winning.
      Thanks for the wishes…
      Bridge and Life with a capital B was intentional.

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    • After reading your reviews, I felt guilty that I’ve been so ungrateful till now. Rather than thanking the blogging community for what it has given me I ended up writing sulky poems like #hashtag junkies.
      Thank you Ron and thanks everyone! God bless!!


    • Thanks! You mean, these two are not just games of chance but also a little cheating. Yeah, maybe. Wonder though how far it takes us – this little cheating.


    • That’s a wise and practical principle. But again, it’s our individual nature and some people can’t help overthinking, although there are strategies to overcome it. Moving on is must for survival or else we become stagnant ponds.
      Thanks for your insight!

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  3. Cards are just not cards and playing cards is just not another game, it is representation of what we do in life and how we play the game of life, it is so much work but there is so much chance and so many missed opportunities…

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