Crushed Crush

In response to the writing prompt: First Crush
Who was your first childhood crush? What would you say to that person if you saw him/her again?”

Not based on any personal experience, but observing many others, I assume if people have a one-sided crush on someone, it doesn’t mean much.

My thoughts on this topic:

Crushed Crush – – Two erratic poems

He was my first crush
When I was way past
The age of crushes
Fast forward
Years later
Saw him
And he shared his secret…
Back then
Years ago
He had a crush
On my best friend
My heart thus crushed
He became my last crush


She met me after ages
No more shy, all smiles.
She opened her mouth
I gaped, looked hopefully
Now’s my chance, for sure
This time she won’t refuse.
Before I could speak,
I heard her bold voice
“My son has a huge crush on
your daughter, will she refuse?”
I woke up from my trance
And stuttered “No naah,
She won’t. Why would she?
How can she? Will she?”


10 thoughts on “Crushed Crush

    • Thanks! I’ll try to do that. My list of short stories is getting longer 🙂

      Crushes don’t last long 😉 But when people are moon-struck by a star or someone unaccessible, they try to find someone similar looking.
      If they can’t, they probably keep searching their whole life, albeit mentally. Just thought may be it is like that…a plot for another story…

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  2. You’ve included a lot in those poems. I had crushes in the past but they didn’t work out. I guess they’re practice for love when you’re too young for real love. I agree that stories could come from these poems. Well done. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Have I? I feel these are not an uncommon scenario and yet unique. Probably that’s why they’re referred to as crush as against love which requires maturity and insight. I may write stories on these, now that I am into story writing.
      Thanks for liking my poems and for visiting my blog. I too really liked your writing style.


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