For Cute Buds and Flowers…

After I wrote my post ‘Crushed Crush’ (in response to the Daily Post’s writing prompt ‘First Crush’)…Roopam of Whimsical90 asked “Aren’t crushes cute?” but she also commented that there are “uncertainties and butterflies involved

That cute conversation inspired a cute poem:

Crushes are cute buds
Best before they finally wilt
Upon blooming into a flower

DSCN0010 bud

(There are cute buds that bloom into flowers of love; some then survive but get stale with time, others simply crumble and die.)


Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar

12 thoughts on “For Cute Buds and Flowers…

  1. All forms of love find eloquent expression in floral metaphors. So crush is no exception. There is a song in Malayalam translating to, ‘when I first sighted you in your teens, you were like a lotus bud’…

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    • That’s true about common metaphors. A young girl is often compared to a bud (kali in Hindi). Comparison of ‘crush’ to a bud has a different perspective. A girl as a bud catches the eye and has a physical dimension for some beauty loving poet, but a girl does not wilt upon blooming into a woman, rather becomes wiser and often more dignified. With crush the outcomes are mostly different.

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