Wicked Witch Rituals

If some bad buddy hurts me…
What do I do?  No, I don’t weep

I immerse their head in water
And enjoy their cool dip dip dip

I put them in a fruit juicer
And squeeze them till they drip

I grind them into fine flour
And knead, thump and beat

I turn them into a long stick
And break it into little twigs

I write their name on a paper
And cut it up into tiny bits

I crumple them with my fist
And put them under my feet

I hardly ever do all this
As I mostly ‘forget and forgive’

I like to hold my head high
And quietly…quit quit quit!!

Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar

Evil Tree Lord Awakening

That was my evil poem in response to  The Daily Post’s writing prompt Wicked Witch

Actually if somebody hurts me, I do none of the above evil acts. I do forgive and forget to whatever extent I can. When I find it difficult to quit, I try to win their heart and change them although that’s very exhausting and comes with its own risks.

38 thoughts on “Wicked Witch Rituals

    • Thanks! That’s another way of looking at it. But we only feel like doing these evil rituals, and in the end forgive and forget, which too helps manage our anger.


  1. This was a very emotional poem, Alka. I really enjoyed reading it. Really admire you that you like to forgive and forget. That’s the spirit. Life it too short to hold a grudge, and really, how can that benefit us? The negativity will just tear us down.

    But sometimes, when I meet some people, I don’t know – there are some people who just rub me the wrong way. I will probably give myself a moment to feel these evil feelings that I have…it can be a cathartic form of self-expression. And after that I will walk away at peace with myself, forget about them and move on with my life.

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    • Thanks Mabel! That was supposed to be a fun poem 🙂 Am glad it’s conveying a strong message.

      Yes, the spirit should be to forgive and forget, and that’s what everyone should try to do. But as you too say, there are people who rub us in a wrong way. And if we feel bad about them, or even dislike them…then that’s our true instantaneous feeling. There’s nothing wrong in that, as it’s better to genuinely feel what you feel rather than pretend. Walking away is better but there are situations in life when you cannot escape certain people and that’s when forgiving or ignoring them becomes necessary.


      • It takes a lot of trust and faith to forgive and forget. Sometimes it really is just a mistake, misunderstanding or miscommunication on someone’s part – it’s all an accident. Also, holding a grudge against someone might come round and bite us in back someday, especially in the instances when we can use a helping hand.

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        • Yes Mabel. Most of the times it is a misunderstanding or a communication barrier that leads to misinterpretation of each other’s intentions. It is also true that in life we may end up in a situation where we may need those we have left behind or overlooked in our anger. Your views are as always so wise. Thanks!

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  2. Liked the various ways in which you contemplated dissolution of the object of your hatred, Alka, and eventual realisation prompting the desirability of forgiving and forgetting. The most salutary option certainly is to detach oneself totally from the situation, discard the emotional baggage, and move on…

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    • Thank you! It was supposed to be a response to the prompt about wicked witches, therefore I showed some evil rituals that some angry or hurt people may love to indulge in if they do not forgive and forget. Detachment and moving on is the best option if the other party doesn’t change. With all this, there’s always a necessity to check and rectify one’s own behavior.
      Thanks for your input.

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  3. Hi Alka–you wrote in fun but perhaps by chance you touched on anger feelings that everyone feels at least a tweek of from time to time–if we bury it so deep that we feel nothing, what would there be to rise above or move on from? Thanks for your fun and thought provoking poem that created such an interesting discussion.


    • Thanks for liking my poem. If I think of it, most of my work is like that…causal but with inherent strong message/s, often boring sermons too 🙂

      You are so right, ‘If we bury it so deep that we feel nothing, what would there be to rise above or move on from? ‘
      It should either be buried so deep that no amount of provocation can disturb it, or else it should be thrown out once for all in some non-evil way that doesn’t harm anyone.

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