Being (Extra)ordinary


No car engine this
Leaking exhaust down the path
Spewing venom of diesel puffs
Abhorred by all

Up above the sky
Smoke fumes delight our eyes
The ordinary became extra-ordinary
An awesome sight


Planes leave behind white streaks. These streaks are artificial clouds called contrails, a word formed from the phrase ‘condensation trail.’

Like a car engine…airplane engine also produces exhaust gases that escape from a plane. These exhaust fumes have water vapors which hit the air.  At such a height, the air outside is extremely cold which causes these water vapors to condense and form tiny water droplets or even freeze into tiny ice crystals before eventually evaporating.
It’s this mix of condensed water vapor and ice crystals that create the cloud-like trails you see in the sky.

Wow! Ordinary fumes and vapors yet extraordinary sight.

~~~ ~~~

Picture taken in Sydney skies
For Weekly Photo Challenge: (Extra)ordinary

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

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