‘Discover’ Me Not, nor Press Me Freshly.


Aboriginal artist at our community fair: He plays it but not for fame or commerce.


A Path To Self-Discovery


Word Press!
You’re no Columbus
And I’m no India, waiting
To be discovered by one and all
“Hey! Come and certify my riches, my worth.”
But in case you are indeed Columbus
You’ll never reach me anyway…
You’ll lose your way to some La La land

Have I lost myself that you wanna find me?
Something, that did not happen
While I was here all along, for months.
But how could you discover me?
You were not color-blind
I too was not colorless, only tactless.
The tricks of the trade
I just could not learn.

It didn’t happen then
So how will you ‘discover’ me now?
After all, I did squeeze out some raw talent
The ink is now getting dried, my pen leaking blood.
My insides now aching…to be Freshly Aired!

Will I cry if I die undiscovered?
Naah! I managed well till now.
Survived – hale and hearty.
Coz’ I had it in me.
The hunger to extract my being
From where it truly was
Buried deep inside me.
You wouldn’t have done it better
So no grudge here, dear Discover.

Grant the joy of discovery
To those who badly need it
Some brimming talents and brains
Lost souls seeking redemption
Or else desperately vying recognition
Addicted to sudden jubilation
That enlivens their drab writerly lives.

Do not discover me please!
Don’t drag me out of my safe haven.
I prefer my obscurity – my cozy cocoon
My followers few, define my life.
With confinement that sets me free.
No self-consciousness, no made-up style.
To be a public persona would chain me
Glaring lime-lights make me blind
Who knows? Crippling cacophony of applause
Might have drowned my muse forever.

So yes!! You’re Columbus
And I’m India and Australia
I’m sure y
ou shall never discover me
But I’ll be no less for it.

My formless senseless poem is
A final nail in the coffin (that already exists)

But if am not mad at you, WP
You better not be mad at me!

~~~ ~~~

Did that sound mean? In fact, I should really thank Word Press for…well…everything. For Word Press itself and for the inspirational bloggers.  Freshly Pressed had great posts and so has Discover.  

So no grudge, no offense meant towards anyone 🙂  If you know me by now, that’s my spontaneous style esp. as it was in my earlier posts. Humor. Satire.   

That was actually for today’s Daily Prompt by The Daily Post:

I Can’t Stay Mad at YouDo you hold grudges or do you believe in forgive and forget?”


Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar

13 thoughts on “‘Discover’ Me Not, nor Press Me Freshly.

    • Thanks Balroop! As long as it’s ‘Freshly’ written and people ‘Discover’ my post, it’s ok with me 😉 That’s what I feel, this has now become a cozy corner with freedom to not overtly impress or something.

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  1. Love your blunt bold style. While reading I thought of my Native American ancestors who were virtually exterminated by Columbus and his European hordes. The year 1492 was the beginning of the end for many Native American tribes. Being a strong people their descendants not only survive but thrive and are reclaiming their cultures. The pale faced invaders were not able to destroy the Great Spirit of the Original Peoples. Sharing a post I wrote back in May of 2012 about forced changing of Native names to European ones. http://dancingpalmtrees.com/2012/05/05/the-cruelty-of-christianity/

    Liked by 1 person

    • My post was my wisecrack on the word ‘discover’. In school days we heard it so much…that Columbus set out to discover India but ended up discovering America. I didn’t portray Columbus too negatively but that’s because my native country wasn’t directly influenced. The reality is indeed what you shared about the sad part of your personal history. Hope your people can find their way back, at least the respect and dignity. It’s the same situation with the side-tracked Aboriginals of Australia though after ages the government said ‘Sorry’ and things took a positive turn. I feel, that way we, the migrants to a colonized land, are also now guilty as we are reaping the benefits, living in the houses built on Aboriginal land.
      I saw your link and there is truth in your article. Hope my fellow bloggers read it.


    • Thanks Janice! I discovered your comment only now, as somebody liked this post today. You could relate to my poem…and I assume this star was self depreciating or something.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Alka– I don’t remember the star on the radio that I was thinking about unfortunately. Anyway it’s good to hear from you and I wish you a happy new year!


  2. I am no Columbus myself but feel like a discoverer of interesting sites wading through many of your write lagoons. Your preference to revel in anonymity reminds me of a poem by Emily Dickinson, highlighting her comfort level in remaining a non-entity. The real Columbus may have lost his way but not the many readers who found you and make regular beelines to your creations…


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