You Lose, and Then You Win


Image: pixabay

You Lose, and Then You Win

When you’re broken to
your last bits though still
alive, writhing in pain
then one day, you put
yourself together
piece by piece, bit by bit
become a jointed whole
moving towards smoothness.
That’s when you win!

When you learn to live
with someone then abruptly
drift apart, no hug no drug to
heal your wounds, and it
seems you’ll choke and die
but soon you see you don’t
for you’re still alive, so you
strive to move on in life.
That’s when you win!

When you fall flat on your
face, not a soul to pick you
up, no hands lend support; then
your left hand grips the right
hand, gets you back on feet, you
stagger, you’re shaken but
you shake off the dust, head held
high, you walk the new lone walk.
That’s when you win!

When most paths you take
come crashing to a dead end
you hear mocking proud voices
gleefully clapping their hands
and telling you – you’ve failed,
you force yourself up, make a
fresh start, write a new word on
a blank page; for you know
that the show must go on.
And then you win!

© 2015 Alka Girdhar


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22 thoughts on “You Lose, and Then You Win

  1. Thanks Alka for your, as always, lovely poetic statement of life progressing, not in failed stillness but in persevering onward movement towards steadily higher goals, through numerous failures and few successes, with race to the finish remaining as the only constant. So keep writing new words on those blank pages and continue scripting victories…best wishes.

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    • Yes, progress in life is about not halting in our failed or unfortunate state but in moving on towards, I would say, any goals big or small, long term or short term. Sometimes it’s not even actual failure but circumstances that change the tide, and as long as one can continue to have faith in oneself and trust that times do change, soon there is a clearer path around the corner. Thank you so much for your insight and for the encouragement. Blogging does help identify and script our essential strengths that carve a path to winning.

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  3. I liked the poem very much. The way you have transformed from negativity to positively speaks volume. Mine post was little dull and negative.
    Its refreshing to read your poem. 🙂


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