Errors That Are Meant To Be


Errors that are meant to be

Don’t cry over burnt toast!
Stop wondering at its blurred pic
Oops! For this weird lapse
In cooking and clicking.
Perfection gone missing
Dimmed before brightening
Life finished before living

Missed opportunities
All these could-have-beens
Simple phantasmagorias
Mere shadows of their real being
Imperfect clumsy wholes
Unimaginable new shapes
So enigmatic and puzzling!

Cheers to the unplanned blunders
That were meant to be!
Good or bad, let them be…



The above picture is that of a framed hologram that hangs on a wall, and when seen though my dresser’s mirror, this wall-hanging seems to throw all its glowing ingredients outwards as if it is a three-dimensional picture. I tried to capture it via my camera but see the result…

The one below somewhat shows the 3D effect but blurred still, though quaint and unique as it is.



~~~ ~~~
Now, this post about imperfections was my response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge prompt for this week:  “Oops! ‘Tis the season to revel in photographic (and/or photogenic) disasters.”

This morning…a burnt toast triggered this writing…

2 thoughts on “Errors That Are Meant To Be

  1. The first photo was a clever capture, and such a creative interpretation of it. Burnt toast might be more crunchy but it really does leave a bitter taste in the mouth. “phantasmagorias” Love that word and haven’t heard it in a while. It really isn’t wise to use your phone and take photos while cooking…but I’m sure we are all guilty of that at some point while waiting for our food to cook. I know I am 😀

    Life is full of twists and turns and really no blunder is every really a mistake. More of an experience, and with each experience we can learn from it, and even enjoy the moment by laughing along with it.

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    • Brown and crunchy…yes. But only if it’s rightly done. Not burnt like this one was 🙂
      Mabel, I feel it’s ok to take pictures of any kind of food, while cooking or after it’s cooked. I usually take pictures after serving the food. In fact I do have many other Oopsy pictures but hidden in some folders so yeah…let it go for now. Blunders…well as long as they do not harm us or others too much, they are a learning experience. And don’t we continue to repeat those blunders if we fail to learn from them?

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