It’s often about these two – India & Music

It’s holiday time which means with more time in hand, other than merry-making and enjoying Christmas Carols, I am back to my Indo-mania. Back to?  That’s because it comes off and on, but when it does it’s not in small doses. And that includes not only thinking about all things Indian but also listening to Indian music and watching Indian movies.

Here are some songs from a very recent Indian movie Bajirao Mastani. Based on a true historical love story between Bajirao and Mastani from the 1700s, it has kings, queens and warriors in their vibrancy and opulence.

Those of you who do not understand the lyrics (possibly 99% of you) can still enjoy these songs for their art and music. Make it full screen for greater visual effects and see them till the end.

The following song is sung in two different Indian languages which means even a polyglot like me does not understand every word of it, but after listening to it a few times, I could feel it going on and on in my mind.

Here’s another catchy number from the same movie. It is based on a mix of pinga and laavni (folk) dance art forms that are popular in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Great choreography and setting, and of course beautiful Indian women in their traditional attire. One of these stars is the lead character in the American TV series Quantico.

These songs being authentically Indian, are different from usual Bollywood songs. Hence I felt like sharing. Hope you enjoy!


17 thoughts on “It’s often about these two – India & Music

    • It was expected to be more of a visual treat. Other than being a slightly different love triangle…possibly the larger value of such historical movies is in passing on the heritage and bringing out the lesser known part of history to the public, that is if they do not distort or cheapen history.

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    • Thanks for appreciating! During school days, I had plenty of experience in various Indian dance forms, and yes…they do require energy 🙂 esp. the folk and street dances. I like African dances too for their beats and vibrancy.


  1. I love Deewani Mastani because of the folk touch and beautiful picturization…so mesmerising! The second one is reminiscent of a similar dance from Devdas…Dola re.

    Thanks for highlighting the beauty of our music. 🙂

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    • Yes Balroop, I too instantaneously loved the soulful Diwani Mastani, and yes the second one is like Dola Re except that both songs, that on the surface are merely a group of decked up women rejoicing… but they have touches of their own state culture Maharashtra and Bengal, so we get to enjoy the vastness of our native country.
      Thanks for sharing your views 🙂

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