All That Stays…


All That Stays…

It was as bad as can be. We could barely escape. Our lives were saved but all else was ravaged by the tornado. A house full of furniture, wardrobes full of little luxuries, a garage full of good-for-nothing goodies, a kitchen…

Returning after years, the junkyard looked eerily familiar. With tearful eyes I gazed around. Hang on!! Aren’t these the flowers dad gave to me on my 18th birthday? A year before the storm?

“They will stay on forever” was his logic behind buying synthetic pansies. And they did.

Happiness has a way of staying if it has to. In weird forms. At weird places.

~~~ ~~~

That was my story for Friday Fictioneers, hosted by Rochelle. This week’s photo was contributed by Ted Strutz.

Tidbit: The flowers in the errr…commode look like pansies, don’t they?
Pansies are symbolic of remembrance, fond memories, love, thoughtfulness.


12 thoughts on “All That Stays…

  1. I like the photo that goes along with your story. Brilliant, and brilliant text. Sometimes certain things will stay behind and be there when we come back once again. Funny, and weird as you put it. Or sometimes maybe we just underestimate the power and strength of what’s around us 🙂

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    • Thank you Mabel! You seem to be liking these little stories:)
      It’s a nice photo with some strange combinations. True that certain things stay on, even if merely a coincidence but that’s how it is. They somehow stayed on. Sometimes we find long forgotten things in one of our wardrobes, like some new discovery 🙂 Probably as you said, they were around but we underestimated their power initially and only now we saw their worth.

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