Being One With Him



Being One With Him

Ask her. How does it feel to be one with him?
She will have no clue. For she is now a part of him. She is him.

It’s as if they aren’t two souls, but one.
They even look like one, well if you see from the distance
Their cells have long lost their own growth
Blended into each other
They’ve found a newer meaning in this union

But it wasn’t always so…
She started out differently
So dissimilar, so distant they were
But it happened
This unison – where the lost soul merged into The One.

When a small soul meets that bigger soul, then that is what happens
Losing itself – a creeper becomes a tree; a river becomes a sea
That higher soul so pure and benign; habitually embraces tainted souls
Unenlightened souls of mere mortals
Souls that have lost all hope

Many such souls have sought and got
And many more, seeking more and more
One day
They all will find Him
And merge into Him

© 2016 Alka Girdhar

~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

My above prosaic poem was inspired by the tree Thursday photo prompt hosted by Sue Vincent of The Daily Echo.

‘She’ is our human soul…losing herself in her beloved or in God.

If you liked this tree inspired poem, then here’s another similar poem You Lose and then You Win. I’m sure you will like it.

27 thoughts on “Being One With Him

  1. I thought this was a very abstract poem, Alka. Not sure what to make of it, but I feel that it has something to do with being consumed and overly distracted by someone around them and in the process lose themselves. Or it could be someone looking up to a higher power and finding themselves, and finding a sense of purpose in their lives – and I think this is more fitting.

    “Losing itself – a creeper becomes a tree; a river becomes a sea” This line reminds me of how so many things on this planet are entwined together. Even we are tied to nature; each day we shed part of ourselves like hair and skin that sink to the ground. That is the circle of life for you. Sorry if this comment is a bit abstract 😀

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    • You are right Mabel! This one can be interpreted in many different ways. Generally speaking, when we become one with someone, we lose ourselves, our traits good and bad. It’s like redefining and reconstructing ourselves…our very being. This applies to all relations, particularly marriage or love partnerships. This kind of self- annihilating or else self-refining love is also held for the One above us. People who have been into spirituality would know, that at the end of the day a soul’s purpose is to rise high and become good enough to become one with the higher soul – God.
      “Creeper becomes a tree”….loses its original independent identity…and is no more a mere creeper but a part of the tree 🙂 ….river loses itself when it merges into a sea.
      But your view is also right….as physically too things are cycled and recycled all the time.
      Thanks for your analysis! Always welcome.

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  3. I love the ambiguous nature of this poem ( I won’t call it prosaic as it flows with the same poetic charm as that of a brook.)
    We usually use a capital ‘H’ for that divine force we call Almighty…so it keeps the suspense alive till the last line, leaving it to one’s own imagination to figure out the possibilities…the physical aspect seems more alive yet ‘soul’ inspires another thought! Brilliant Alka!
    ‘The small and the bigger soul’? This thought adds another dimension to this poem, taking us beyond Mother Nature…into oblivion…that is the beauty of this genre!
    Thanks for a thought-provoking piece. Keep inspiring!

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    • Thanks Balroop for an insightful analysis of this poem! You understood it well…the capital ‘H’ thing.
      A brook is bubbly and melodious yet wayward at times 🙂 The poem was meant to have this ambiguity and suspense. Inspired by the picture prompt, the poem was just a free flow of thoughts, and my mind moved from worldly to the spiritual. Physical beings find oneness in physical things or relations, yet their soul craves for infinite belonging to either others’ soul and even more to merge into the superior/higher soul – our final destination if at all.

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  5. At the outset it such a beauty to watch a unison in nature and thanks for searching and share such a lovely picture of nature. Putting words to describe such a wonderful convergence of body and soul where the roots have less role to play with the shoots, who is supporting and who is supply the water, as if they formed a common kitchen and showing the mankind how to live and lead a life of togetherness. It is interesting and such coincidence that “he” is part of “she” and “man” is part of “woman” and the list goes on, the story remains so much true in the human beings that is brilliantly depicted by the composition of nature…

    Much deeper meanings hidden in these stanza then what it is trying to convey, it is left to our imagination lay it out.

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    • Nihar, you have put it all so aptly. This togetherness in nature is supreme. When a creeper climbs up another tree, albeit a bigger tree at that…the creeper is nurtured and taken care of till they are one. One can relate this to a man woman relation that is much beyond physical as it matures to become more spiritual. Taking it further, of course our soul’s relation with God is at a higher realm than that of human relations.

      I did have deeper meanings in there but it’s up to a reader to absorb and interpret as they want. It is about merging of various forms of nature, superficially or in sublime way…whatever 🙂
      Thanks for views that inspired further thinking!


  6. I love the message given out here. Life is happiness when we find that one, where two together be one; and everything as described in the poem!

    The poem goes in perfection to the picture supplied! Beautiful work! 🙂

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