Pampering Whimpering



Pampering Whimpering

Ted! Where are you?”

Here mom! A last minute brush up for the party” Ted raised his tone as he replied from the lounge room.

I’ve been looking for you all over the place”. Mom’s face had somewhat mixed expressions as she entered the room. “What? Are you buckling up her sandals?” 

“Tiara’s dress is too tight…not easy for her to bend down. We’re already late, mom!”

“But why are you late? Don’t you think she takes a bit long to dress up for a simple party!”

Not a simple party mom! It’s my office party and I want her to look good”

“But you cooked the lunch too. Was Tiara away somewhere?”

“Mom! She was away for hair-styling!”

“Oh well! You could’ve told me. I had cooked ample food in my tiny kitchen. You never come over. Like you did when you were younger” Mom said as she began to walk towards her room

But mom, what would Tiara have eaten on coming back from the hairdo?”

“I know, she doesn’t relish my simple food”

“Mom! Be happy. We’ll come back late tonight”

The pair walked away arm in arm, laughing. Mom sighed. When she was young, Ted’s father had never been so caring. She often wondered where Ted got it from – this knack of wife pampering.

In fact, Ted did have his dad as a role model. For he did all that his dad did not do; albeit he got carried away and did that a bit too much.

© 2016 Alka Girdhar

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For:  Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy

It was already Saturday when I checked this week’s prompt picture for FFfAW. Recently I had decided not to write any more stories for a while. But this prompt did the trick…again.

18 thoughts on “Pampering Whimpering

    • That he is. If he knows his woman expects such care, he is probably accommodating her whims and fancies as well. Moms too are capable of being jealous when their role gets taken over :)…or if we leave some room for doubt, there’s insecurity even in good human beings esp. as most mothers spend their whole life caring for a child, and possibly it hurts to see him too changed too soon.

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  1. Interesting. I thought mom was a bit meddlesome, trying to keep the apron strings taut around her son who is trying to have a successful relationship. We don’t get to see Tiara, so hard to judge whether she is appreciative of the attention or just as demanding as mom. A fun post to read into. 🙂

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    • Yes, the older woman is either too inquisitive or it is just her way of talking. Possibly she would have been as curious as this towards her daughter too.
      I did hint that that there’s some hurt somewhere. Mom feels her daughter-in-law doesn’t like to eat whatever simple food she makes. Maybe the girl has high taste; possibly she’s a secluded personality who takes time to open up. There can be many reasons why people behave the way they do, causing repercussions.
      I need to develop the plot a bit more in a full story.

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  2. Such moms want their sons to be tied to their strings and find pleasure in the attention they demand…she seems to be jealous too! I am glad Ted is such a caring husband. There needs to be a balance in relationships, which very few can manage. 🙂

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    • OMG did I made the older woman such a villain? I didn’t intend to 🙂 Commentators here expressed opposing views, possibly based on their own experiences.
      Balancing is the key. Mothers shouldn’t keep their sons/daughters tied to their apron strings. At the same time children (of all ages) should themselves fulfill their duty of showing care and respect towards the older generation. Aging/aged parents shouldn’t have to remind them…or beg and ask…


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