Agoraphobia #writephoto

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he thought

he should go out

he told himself
he must go out

the thought came
the thought went out

he stayed inside
he did not go out

©2016 Alka



I wrote this poem in 2016, now posting it for Sue Vincent’s photo prompt for #writephoto Inside-out

13 thoughts on “Agoraphobia #writephoto

  1. Sometimes thoughts are so powerful, so oppressive…we have to make an effort to keep them positive.
    Hope somebody gives him a nudge to leave his comfort zone, to venture out, just for looking at the horizon and breathe its vastness.

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    • That’s true Balroop! That is what people who find themselves in this situation need. A soft and caring nudge to make them see it’s not all bad out there. Even if suppose they have no trust left in humans, they can be made to see that one can have faith in joys of nature…and soon some genuine and kind souls will come around and restore his confidence.

      I just got busy hence this delayed reply. Hope all is well at your end. Have a great weekend!

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  3. This is such a powerful and dark poem, Alka. As someone who has suffered from fear of being around a group of people, I can relate to this. It sounds like the person in the poem is not only fighting the fear within him but also with his mind too. His heart and body tells him one thing, and his mind the same thing as well. Sometime it simply takes time to overcome the demons within us and mental health. Even a step out of the door is an achievement, and there is always tomorrow to make progress again 🙂

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    • Thanks for sharing Mabel! In fact anyone can feel like this at some stage of their life. Not only those who’re naturally shy and introvert but even those who never liked being alone, or were always happier being outside in the crowd sometimes shut themselves up in their own cocoon. But then there’s a thin line. This harmless introvert pattern carried to the extreme becomes a real phobia. You’re right…if someone’s heart is not bold enough, the mind should take charge and compel the body to step out of the door. But if a person feels and thinks alike then as you say…it’s a matter of time 🙂

      At the time of writing I didn’t have anyone in particular in my mind but now I can think of many…God bless everyone!


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