These Grounded Earthlings…

They feel rooted
Only if they immerse
In the soil of nurturing earth
Or sprout from its womb
As a young sapling


P1060879.JPGThey love pecking
The bare warm earth
Replete with little bounties
Of their daily food
That they love eating


DSCN1831.JPGThey love earthing
To lush green earth
The oh-so-soft cushioned carpet
That caresses and soothes
Their bare skin


They love setting fire
To their Mother Earth’s
Sprawling fertile forests
And possess its vast lands
They then call their own

(Now, deforestation is not just due to human malpractices or ill intentions of using forest land for businesses like cattle-ranching; as fires are also due to drought and overall climate change. But then again humans are the only species who ought to know how to save earth’s assets rather than cut them down or burn them for selfish reasons. Our verdant earth’s forests are home to so many species.)

~~~~ ~~~~~

All pictures self-clicked except for the last two (for obvious reasons). Source

For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo ChallengeΒ Earth

9 thoughts on “These Grounded Earthlings…

  1. Lovely set of poems, Alka. Lovely shots that you clicked yourself too. Certainly so many of us and not just birds love the eat what Mother Nature throws up from the depths of the grounds πŸ˜‰

    You raise such an important point on forest fires. There are too many of them around the world, especially in Australia during the summer. But you are right: not all of them are man-made and as you know, a lot of them in Australia are started by lighting or innocent sparks. Sometimes it is very sad because these fires take away homes and memories…but hopefully those who are affected can find strength and come out stronger πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks Mabel for your lovely comments! It is true that we all basically eat what Mother Earth yields forth for us, esp. a vegetarian like me πŸ™‚ and yet birds and animals eat more directly, esp. if you see busy birds picking worms and grains directly from the ground, it makes us feel they’re very happy doing so.

      Bushfires do create havoc esp. in nearby towns as we see so often in Australia. They may not be deliberately lit as such but humans are still responsible as industrialization and other greenhouse emissions means climate change, and so atmosphere has become conducive to such fires. I was also drawing attention to vast razing of rainforests and other valuable woods, which once gone result in huge loss of species. I read about Amazon rainforests being brought to ground by selfish ranchers who wish to do business there. I know I’m speaking with half-baked knowledge πŸ™‚
      Have a lovely weekend!

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