Catty Face


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Catty Face

Catty face! Catty face!!
Don’t stare at me like this
You petrified, or scaring me?
Standing there frozen still
In my home, on my driveway
It’s my territory, my pathway
You the prowler, go away!!

It’s ok! Let it be
Here I open the door
Please come inside
Play with me for a while
Have tea with me
But dear! Make sure
You come regularly

Hey!! What happened?
Why you running away??
Wait! Wait!! Wait!!!
Let me come with you
Will you? But you won’t
For you’re an impish kitty
Catty face, frisky and sneaky!

~~~ ~~~

The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge Face is so interesting, that I could think of so many of them, but this light post came by easy as I saw this prowling cat. Do you also get some regular visitor like this one?

Also for One Word Photo Challenge – Cat

© 2016 Alka Girdhar

8 thoughts on “Catty Face

    • Thanks! This staring cat is funny, for as soon as I try to welcome it, it runs away while also stopping from time to time to look back at me. These cautious beings want to interact but do not warm up easily.


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  2. Hi Alka,
    This is quite an amusing poem! Cats stare when they don’t like you or think you are intruding into their territory otherwise they are happy with themselves and don’t demand much attention. I have never liked cats but have to bear one in one of my daughter’s home and he comes and stares at me when it is time for him to take a nap at his favorite place, which is the couch I sit on whenever I visit her. One night when everyone had gone to their rooms and I was still sitting in the living room, he came very close to me and mewed…giving me the message – GO, sleep! 🙂

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    • HI Balroop,

      Staring is probably their defense mechanism, for they use their eyes the best. This particular one generally likes sitting in the sun and doesn’t like it if somebody from inside the house comes out and disturbs. As such, I often see cats visiting my house. In winters, they hang around lazily during the day and at night they take shelter in our back porch/verandah, with no hesitation at all while making themselves comfortable on the outdoor couch as it keeps the kittens warm. This has happened during last two winters, of course with a different cat family each time. As winters come to an end, they quietly leave. Though they are not my pets I never shoo them away.
      Amused to know how this cat at your daughter’s place gives subtle messages 🙂 Generally they are not as friendly as dogs but after initial hesitation, they communicate in their own way.

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