First Journey


First Journey

Oh! It’s all so scary. Save me God! Please. I can’t bear this ordeal. 
I am happy where I am. Why do they want to take me out?

Now they’re pulling my head with something. It hurts badly. Please let go!

They think they should help me. That I’m stuck inside, drenched in fluids and darkness all around me.

No!! I don’t ever feel sad in here. Never did. That’s my small home. Only mine. My mom’s womb. I feel very safe here. I get food. I feel warm and hugged.   

I again feel like crying. I fear so much. Where are they taking me? Such bright light! Strange sounds I can very faintly hear! What would it be like on the other end? Help me God! Don’t take me away from my mom! I will die. 

©Alka 2016

~~~~ ~~~~

Written for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers that is hosted by Priceless Joy, and inspired by this week’s above photo prompt.

It/he/she will not die, as that is what we call ‘life’.
Is this piece a bit exaggerated? Probably 🙂  Who knows what birthing bubs feel! May be some discomfort as their senses are not fully developed yet.

27 thoughts on “First Journey

    • Thanks Joy! The only life a fully developed foetus has ever seen is inside his/her mother. Being shaken out of one’s familiar zone and exposure to so much new would be stressful. If we think of it, we all were like that once but do not remember 🙂


    • Very valid reason as life is so unpredictable in current times. Generally, after their initial crying, most babies do find delight in early childhood, but thereafter life is a learning process…a roller coaster ride.

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    • Thanks Linda! I agree. A creation is a puppet in a creator’s hands. Moreover, at times we need more words to convey the point. I may elaborate on this concept at some stage.

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