In the Name of Brunette Lady


In the Name of Brunette Lady

Matters not if you are plain Dark and wild
Or super soft Milky, fit for a child
Or else a Crunchie, chock-full of almonds
Or layered in peanuts, hazelnuts and raisins
Or a smooth Carmello with caramel flowing inside
Or adventurous Turkish Delight with its exotic flights
Or a Brownie, or a Mud Cake, or a cup of Hot Chocolate
In all hues and forms, you are sinfully awesome.
I cannot resist your passing temptations
As you melt in my mouth, to alter my moods
As you raise my body’s dopamine and serotonin
Leaving me better; healthier and happier!

© 2016 Alka Girdhar. All Rights Reserved

~~~ ~~~

Today, the 7th Of July, is World Chocolate Day. Did you eat your chocolate today?

*Serotonin and dopamine are mood-boosting chemicals found in chocolate, particularly Dark Chocolate.


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15 thoughts on “In the Name of Brunette Lady

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  2. Wow! This filled my mouth with the yummy delight of chewing at my favorite brands! I don’t know when I developed this habit but every afternoon meal has to end with a piece of chocolate…I am not a freak…just one piece! Even my 18 month grandson asks…grandma, ‘did you eat your candy?’!!

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    • Thanks Balroop! Glad to know the poem had some mouths drooling. After writing the poem, I too made sure I had a few pieces. Chocolate is addictive as such, and often handy within our homes so easily becomes a habit. I liked this…”I am not a freak…just one piece” 🙂 It’s so cute the way your grandson asks you. They are very observant at that age, aren’t they? No tensions of the world yet.

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