Looking Up & Around…

This week, I happened to visit a nearby suburb after almost a year and a half. As we entered its periphery, the roads there seemed busier than ever before and we had to push our way through the erratic traffic.

Later as we walked along the pavement, there was no usual order in things. Actually there were precautionary boards all along the roads, while construction guys stood with their vans all over the place.

Obviously this hub of activity was a bit of a nuisance to pedestrians as well as those looking for a parking place. In the late afternoon sun, we could see many different vans and small cranes on the horizon.

As we moved further ahead, there was louder noise of gigantic mechanical work going on and as we looked up there was a huge crane, the kind that at least I had never seen before.


The techno-minded men in my family started discussing about what this crane has power to do, or not do. But I got busy taking pictures.  Pictures…for even though this was not some pleasant wonder of the world meant to be clicked, it wasn’t totally unpleasant too, esp. the crane looked awe-inspiring due to its sheer size.

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It’s hard to imagine how such tools and gadgets are made with utmost precision, towards their exclusive purpose, and then think of the amount of work they possibly accomplish.

It’s also amazing how, quite similar to hard working fire-fighters, these construction workers in orange vests work in such dusty and noisy atmosphere for the whole day. In fact, for all days of their life.

For us, hanging around there for more than few minutes would have been almost unbearable, so we moved ahead and looked up, and there it was…well not the best oncoming sunset but a view of clouds playing hide and seek with sun, which seemed better than the cranes visible in the horizon.
This suburb that we went to, used to have a sprawling shop for vegetables and groceries. Now, that was gone but new high-rise flats had sprouted in its place, and also all around where there were once open spaces or houses. Like wise, it was clear how home owners with huge lands had become like money-making builders, for they had constructed multiple apartments in their once spacious homes ..

Next to this suburb, is a bigger suburb and council where we once had a huge library called Parramatta Library with multiple floors and green exteriors. It used to be our favorite haunt, esp. when my son started his high school and till he finished his HSC.  For years my family had been familiar with its little nooks and corners. That day, we also went to see this library, again after a year and a half, and it was shocking to see that it had been completely razed.20160529_133435.jpgLook at the picture and you can see one vertical university (under construction) with numbers and there’s a financial institute next to it. While all these are newly developed, the smallish red horizontal striped building is where our dear library used to be, with a pretty green front where students often sat on benches to take a break. All gone. Voila! Who needs a library these days? May be a smaller one still exists behind these high rise buildings, we are told.

Like all other metro cities, Sydney seems to be undergoing an overhaul. A city of vast expansive suburbs and big country style homes, is now growing vertically.

~~~ ~~~

But hey!!  What am I talking about? All these are small issues. These building industry men use their big vans and heavy gadgets to ‘construct’ something, or else they deconstruct and demolish something to reconstruct it and give it a better shape. At least that’s what they intend to do most of the time, though some builders have selfish interests too.

In comparison, some ruthless powerful men use huge trucks loaded with deadly weapons of mass destruction, to outrageously plough over their fellow humans and shoot them down. Precious lives destroyed, and more than that our faith in fellow humans wrecked, both of which can never be reconstructed.

Luckily there are also some special men in uniforms who arrive in their ambulance vans during such ‘ploughing down’ occasions to save lives. Also, we have uniformed men who arrive with police vans and weapons, men who generally use their right to defend other humans (well that’s what they are supposed to).

Thus, looking up, looking above and looking around, we can see how humans, quite like their individual holy Gods, come in many shapes and forms. Let’s pray that they at least try to remain nice towards each other. Let’s also #PrayForNice


My post was inspired by The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge ‘Look Up’ and also expresses thoughts on the terrorist attack in Nice, Paris on July 2016.

©2016 Alka Girdhar

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    • Yes, they did that. Probably for larger good or some long term vision. But it was my family’s favorite place for many years so we missed it. The crane did look awesome 🙂

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