Hallucinating Humans

Leman Manhattan Prep sch

Hallucinating Humans

Such perfect presumptions
About our advancement
We have, while we continue to
Annihilate our imperfect race
Hatred consummate
(Un)predictable fate

© 2016 Alka Girdhar


. Unpredictable

12 thoughts on “Hallucinating Humans

  1. Dark poem, Alka. But it is simple to understand given the current state of events in the world, and it sends a strong message. Well written.

    So many of us assume that life will be good and we can live our lives in peace. But truth be told, there is evil in this world – and some of us are not as lucky as others in this world. Nothing is perfect, and there will always be greed and hatred around. Can we change that? Maybe, maybe not. Either way, the least we can do is treat each other how we want to be treated, and show some compassion to each other in challenging times.

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    • The poem was darker still with that dead body and doll image from France, so I changed it.
      You said it better Mabel that we take things for granted. Howsoever intelligent we may think we are as a race, we are wiping ourselves out. Evil, greed and hatred should have been reduced as we progressed but that didn’t happen. Yes, if everyday treatment towards each other at individual level attains perfection, that too can make life peaceful. Times are indeed challenging with a need to be cautious and aware.
      Thanks for your views Mabel!

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  2. A dark poem about infinitely darker events, ironically in the form of swearing love to an unseen god while killing people all around in an orgy of violence. Devotion and violence appear to be attaining a cultural dimension.

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    • These events are indeed infinitely dark as we have no clue how and when we shall find a solution to all this. Here, rigid religious beliefs join hands with cultural and political self-righteousness, and the outcome gets more dangerous day by day.

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  3. I linked the prompt to the same thing! Great poem and interpretation of the happenings. We claim to be so advanced but we are the only creatures that kill for the hell of it.

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    • I am glad you liked the poem. I tried to check your site but couldn’t reach your response to the prompt. So true! We are the only creatures who kill meaninglessly. Maybe one day sanity will prevail!

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      • Thanks for wanting to check me out but my response was so personal that I didn’t dare to publish it. Have you ever experienced that?


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