We all have lost touch with somebody or the other.
Reconnect to make more time for the people who matter.
Why?  If you initiate the conversations, it can break the ice.
You never know, it can save someone’s life

Start a conversation. Ask “Are you ok?”
Listen. Pay attention. Do not judge
Encourage action, in the right direction.
Help people around you feel ok.

~~ Alka 2016 ~~

Today, the 8th of September, is R U OK Day. In Australia, it’s a national day of action and a reminder to regularly check in with family, friends and workmates.

So here I am asking my readers: Are you ok? You are free to share your problems with me, either via your comments here, or contact me. You never know, some reader may come up with a solution to your problem.

15 thoughts on “R U OK?

  1. Well said, Alka. We need to be more aware and sensitive to others. Help when we can. To listen or a kind word of encouragement can make a difference in someone’s day or life. ❤

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    • You are right. We must look around and be watchful of others’ miseries. When things are not going right, even kind words and problems shared can make a huge difference, after which further action becomes easier. Thanks for your lovely thoughts 🙂

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  2. Are you okay, Alka? How have you been doing? 🙂 Such a great initiative in Australia. Simple words, but they show such care and concern. You never know how such simple things can uplift someone – and it only takes a moment. You can also gain a friend back in the process sometimes 🙂

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    • Thanks Mabel for taking my post literally and asking 🙂 And how have you been, dear! Lately, I have had some unforeseen times, but hope to come out of it sooner or later.
      Yes, simple words go a long way. People are afraid of each other and find it hard to share with anyone and everyone. That’s why the emphasis here is be on patient listening and non-judgmental care 🙂


      • I am sorry to hear about your unforeseen times. I thought you had been a bit quiet on here and was wondering if you are okay 🙂

        I haven’t been too bad. So true people are afraid of each other. Too often we want to outdo each other when really, we are so much stronger when we work together 🙂

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        • Very busy phase plus some health issues in the family, so I didn’t get time to visit various blogs, and read or comment on their wonderful posts. Sooner or later, I will make sure I do that. We are indeed better off working together, learning from each other:)


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  4. Thank you for asking Alka…we all have such days when we need a best friend, a person who can just hold our hand and sit quietly, feeling and sharing those unsaid words. We do emerge stronger and brighter. Keep writing dear friend, it is therapeutic.
    Thank you for telling us that there is such a day to check whether our family and friends are feeling OK! So nice. 🙂

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    • You are right Balroop! Although there are times we prefer to be alone, particularly I often like to and have also learnt to resolve my own issues, but practically speaking if problems are shared we get access to multiple venues of possible solutions. Sharing also means other people get answers to their similar problems.

      This day R U OK is a reminder, but I suppose we can extend this warmth to all other days as well. Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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  5. In my old apartment complex where I used to live Building Mgmt had a R U OK program for the senior citizens many of whom lived alone or had no family. They would call them at a specific time every morning to make sure they were okay. If no answer then they would go to the apartment to check on them and render assistance if required.

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    • My apologies that I somehow overlooked your precious views and didn’t reply back. It’s such a thoughtful and kind gesture to have a program where the lonely residents in the building are cared for. Likewise, neighbors too can be more watchful of their immediate neighbors and just say a simple hello to the elderly from time to time.


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