Babying Around


Babying Around

Oh! If I were to be born again
To feel again the newness
Of being a brand new human

Cradle cap that never heals
Slippery skin that peels and peels
Changing color like a chameleon

Making bitter-sweet faces
Secretly smiling for no reason
And crying loud for every little

Looking around wide-eyed
In huge awe and wonder
At bright undefined hues

Amazed at all odd shapes
Jerking alert at rattle sounds
And at human voices

Sleeping the whole day
Waking the whole night
And keeping others awake

Lie on my back full day
Waiting to be picked up
And taken around

Convey hunger in loudest shrills
Making people run around
My family at my beck and call

Let everyone try to please me
While I amuse everyone around
By sucking my little foot thumb

Try to roll-over on my own
Fall from the bed crying
And get my mommy crying

Skin-to-skin with mommy
Looking at her angelic face
As she feeds me calmly

Cradling secure in dad’s arms
As and when he’s around
Till I grow too old for all this.


~~~ ~~~~

. Now I am too old for all this babying around and fancying doing cute stuff.

But we are still like a brand new baby on the day we are born, aren’t we?
And for me, that’s today…my birthday

Also a great day to be back to my blog…with my new baby poem

7 thoughts on “Babying Around

  1. Babies and kids are so innocent. No cares in the world. Lovely poem, Alka. They bring out the softer side in us and teach us what is simple and of course, what is love. Lovely shot of you and baby…like a natural πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Mabel,

      Yes they are innocent, and that’s what I pointed out…that as a newborn we are simple and guileless, happy with the fulfillment of our basic needs. Moreover, as we grow older we wonder if we ever were like that, a baby unable to roll-over by itself. That’s a picture from my album. Just thought it would go with the poem πŸ™‚

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  2. That’s a lovely picture Alka and a nicely penned yearning all of us hold secret!
    Sometimes I pity babies when they cry in the middle of the night and are unable to communicate what is hurting them…mothers try to guess according to their immature skills at mothering and often are wrong. Often I wish babies could tell why are they crying!

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    • Thanks Balroop! Yes, we do have a secret wish to get a whole new life.
      You painted a true scenario about young moms guessing the reason why their baby is crying. And true that our early lives as babies are uncomfortable in many ways. But often they stay awake at night for no reason, rather become happier and playful, not bothered if their mother wants to sleep, in fact they’re not even aware about the concept of day and night. Basically, they can get away with their wayward ways without being hated. Plus they amuse us with their little antics but again…unaware πŸ™‚

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