On The Verge Of Breakdown…


Nature: Ambience at every step


Nature’s Cry

Too benign in her ambient harmony she is
but like most other women, she is
overworked and underpaid

She takes it all with a smile
and continues to serve and oblige
bestow food, water, shelter, respite

She bears it quietly, but at times
retaliates, blows tornadoes
fumes volcanoes, warms up too much
goes bitterly cold; she goes on strike

But merciful mother nature that she is
she quickly forgives her spoilt children
hoping her wayward brats will learn
one day soon; hope not after it’s too late

© 2017 Alka.

♣~♣~♣~ ♣~♣~♣~♣

Nature, like most women, is so calm and giving…provides free fresh air, food, water, and of course a feast of breathtaking beauty to everyone. But in return she is being taxed. Too exposed, vulnerable and defenseless in the hands of humans who are using it.

Industrial pollution has changed air composition and that of rivers.
Fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gases are a reality.
Trees are being cut down via deforestation.
Genetic engineering and genetically modified crops are toxic for the wild life.
Ozone layer is getting depleted due to industrial gases. Global warming is looming large.
Resources are not just getting polluted but also depleted, while overpopulation means we are going to need more and more.

There are many more causes of natural and environmental breakdown…but what can we do? Can we change it?
Look around. We all can do our tiny bit, within our own community.

After all, looking after nature as also the women in your life, will  prove beneficial for the family…our world family of living beings as well as our own family and home.

~ alka ~

5 thoughts on “On The Verge Of Breakdown…

  1. A rather dark poem, but also one that hints at the idea to be greatful for what we have. As women, we have many roles to play both in and out the home, and it doesn’t help that the status quo often underpays us and applauds women for staying at home or worse, being nothing more than an object to look at. We are so much more than that and so many of us juggle all our roles and responsibilities with a lot of tenacity.

    It is perfectly okay to break down and show vulnerability. No one is perfect and there is only so much we can take – all of us have a right to take a breather before forging on the path we are on. We are all a work in progress…and we all have to realise that those younger than us are the same as well.


    • Mabel, I too felt it is not cheery but out it came as I sat down with my evening cuppa and wrote it. Dark it is in a foreboding way that nature is over-pressurized to provide for us living beings who are using up its resources, causing global warming and other environmental disasters.
      I compared women and nature, as both have many roles to play…roles that are often taken for granted, though both also give without asking. Women, at most workplaces are under paid for the same role as men. This has been an issue since long.
      Likewise, both nature and women are sometimes on the verge of breaking down. Yes, women need to take a breather from time to time, after all one has to get back to juggling various roles. We should give a breather to nature also.
      Thanks for your input that is so kind and sensitive towards fellow women!

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  3. What an apt analogy Alka…like any other woman…how true! Merciful mother indeed! That’s why she has been called ‘mother’ because she has been exploited for ages… by generations yet she has the capacity to bounce back and keep giving! Her love continues despite all those atrocities you have mentioned…as Wordsworth said “what man has made of man” hinting at the natural disasters for which he himself is responsible!

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    • Balroop, even though nature has both feminine as well as masculine side, yet primarily it is the giving motherly aspect of nature that creates and nurtures…thus nature has to be a woman. And while it may sound outdated and far-fetched to still keep assuming that nature (as well as women) are overworked and exploited, it is true to a great extent. Voices are constantly raised…feminists for women, and environmentalists for nature. Let’s see what happens. Wordsworth was so right even back then. The dilemma created by humans for humans continues….

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