Do Not Let Her Go Untouched

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Do Not Let Her Go Untouched

Interspersed and enmeshed within layers of pain
Disguised as fleeting moments of cheer
There exists random transitory happiness

Capture her when she shows her face
Do not let her go unnoticed while she’s there
Follow her through, for she is rare

Leave aside all other ceaseless tasks
Hold her with your two obliged hands
Focus and absorb, feel bliss and bless

Then just as she decides to take leave
Detachedly allow her to slip away
Don’t cry for her, do not come in her way

For you already knew this, didn’t you?
That she never intended to stay forever.
She never did, she never does.

See her off with a smile, save the memories
To keep you afloat through the days of despair
Happy thoughts of her, till she returns again.

Be brave. Have heart. She will. She does.

© 2017 Alka Girdhar

I wrote this poem spontaneously as I realized today is International Day of Happiness. Of course, happiness is not just a flower amidst thorns. For some, life is the other way around too.

Each one of us has our own cross to carry as well as our individual process of learning how to cope with it, by general acceptance of things as they are while still discovering happiness within what seems like mess or chaos, and by focusing on little moments of joy.

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12 thoughts on “Do Not Let Her Go Untouched

  1. Nice thoughts Alka…each day could be a happy day if we understood the true meaning of happiness. We never have to see her off as she lies within us but we fail to recognise her. Keep your thoughts positive and she remains well-fed! Happy Happiness Day! Stay blessed!

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    • Hi Balroop, True happiness is in ‘anand’ and not ‘khushi’…inner bliss and not joy that we seek in worldly issues.
      At the outset, I too conveyed thoughts similar to yours…that happiness is also there within our not-so-happy experiences. But then again…this happiness, whatever its amount or degree, often leaves us altogether at some stage before showing up again, be it in some other form or shape. These are the moments or days when we need patience and a belief that good days will be back again.
      Thanks for your views!


  2. I like the quote that you shared. Agree that happiness is the journey. Happiness lies in the small moments, the moments that may be the most mundane and boring sometimes, disguising itself as comfort and familiarity.

    “Focus and absorb, feel bliss and bless ” was the line that jumped out at me. So often we don’t realise happiness and what we have until it passes us by. But when we have a heart as you mentioned at the end, anything is possible once again. Life will always be changing, and we have to appreciate each moment as it comes. Happiness and where we find happiness will always be evolving too depending on where we are at in our lives and where we want to be. Hope all is well with you, Alka. Take care.

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    • True Mabel. Small moments often give greater joy, probably because we have greater expectations from bigger issues and things. Yes, the comfort factor…familiar things, howsoever good, end up being taken for granted so they go overlooked. By focusing we can be sure we do not miss anything and value every moment, and not just the good ones as sadness too enriches our life experiences. While we are sad about one issue, we may experience happiness in another aspect of our life.
      For me it has been tough lately, rather the whole of last year, but hopefully it will soon be all right again. God’s been kind I can say.

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