Through the Foggy Windows…

Here’s my second short story based on below picture.
For Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) hosted by Priceless Joy.


Shadows Uplifted…

After a tiring day, as she barged into her room, she habitually walked towards the window.

God! He’s still sitting here!”.

Through the window-pane that was totally blurred by heavy rain, she could see silhouette of a young boy – sitting exactly where he was sitting yesterday – on the pavement opposite to her bedroom window.

He was the same boy who had knocked at her door three nights ago. He said he was very hungry. He badly needed help, a place to stay as it was a stormy night.  Assuming that he was a trickster of some sort, she had refused.  Moreover, she was getting late for a late-night party.

Night after night, the shadowy image sat outside her closed window but she felt scared to open it.

Today, as rain drops lashed the window-pane, she again saw his vague figure. This time she felt a tinge of pity for this homeless urchin, so she went out to check. But all she could find was was some shapeless rock. Probably no boy ever sat there.

She decided she’ll search for the boy. She must help him.



skin tattoo?

with a sterile needle
you pierce my soul
seal the gaps
heal the holes
engrave your love
etch your kindness
leave a mark
some indelible stain
hard to rub off

I promise…
I’ll pass it on

Copyright © 2015 Alka Girdhar


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Tattoo….You?
Do you have a tattoo? If so, what’s the story behind your ink? If you don’t have a tattoo, what might you consider getting emblazoned on you skin?