Fly Like A Kite


Matariki Kite Festival

Like A Kite

Fly aloft like a kite
Soar high and higher still
Ecstatic and bouncy with delight
Walk dreamily on clouds
Enthrall viewers on the ground

Probe uncertain realms
Be coaxed by gentle wind
To never give up half-way through

Find your strength, have faith
That your string is in reliable hands
Of that fond player, who made you fly
Who carefully tuned your first leap forth
Till you found your own balance

 Fly high like a kite
Just don’t fall like one
Onlookers can be very unforgiving


© 2016-17 Alka Girdhar.


Bonfire vs Bushfire

My earlier response to the PhotoChallenge  “Warmth.”  was about all-consuming destructive bush-fires in Australia.

But the same fire becomes a boon if it provides right amount of warmth in extremely cold weather, as it does during Lohri festival of north India.
Today, on the 9th of January, it is Lohri festival dedicated to fire and sun god.

lohri-2 (1)

Bonfire during Lohri festival in India

People gather around a bonfire, sing and dance to vibrant drum-beats and there are all sorts of warming sweets and special delicacies.

Lohri represents fire in its warm (not hot) celebratory form.