The Escapist – a flash fiction



Photo Prompt by Barbara Beacham.

The Escapist

Not knowing what to expect, he made his way into the dark of the forest.  But I feel this was nothing unusual and very much aligned with his childhood escape pattern.

As a child his escape cocoons were weirder. If some sibling got a wonderful birthday present, then locking himself inside his cupboard was a sure way to compel his parents to buy him a better gift. Hiding under the bed for hours was also his favorite; leaving his pampering mom with no choice but to cook the food he loved. Once he deliberately got lost in a big supermarket till his anxious parents reported to the police, only to find their teenager just around the corner.

The family escaped the tantrums when he got married. Let his wife bear the brunt! Since he could no more fit under his bed, if offended, he would vanish into his garage tool-room or sports club for hours and hours.

The couple’s new house is close to a forest so after their latest tiff, he went to the forest, threatening to never come back.

Possibly it was only a threat and due to fear of wild animals he returned back soon.   Possibly he never returned.  I’m not sure.


This was my flash fiction/short story for ‘Mondays Finish the Story’ challenge by Barbara Beacham. We are provided with a photo prompt as well as the first sentence to begin the story, after which we finish it.

Are you an escapist?

Luigi – The Alto Achiever

Another take on story writing for Mondays Finish the Story.
This is a unique flash fiction challenge where we’re provided a photo and the first sentence of a story. We have to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided


Photo by Barbara W. Beacham

The family had no idea that little Luigi would grow up to be a fashion-model. Most members of Bosco family, despite their lovely complexion and fine features, were lacking in body height. Luigi, who took after his Mama, was the most diminutive kid in his big family.

In school, everyone teased Luigi and called him ‘basso’. He didn’t mind but his Mama was hurt to see her baby side-lined in all major school functions. She fed him all sorts of foods but to no effect.

No wonder, the family was shocked when one day Luigi disclosed that a big company had selected him be their fashion-model. Jubilation and merry-making followed.

Actually, this company had manufactured a nutritious protein-shake.  A short handsome model was needed who, with camera trick, would be televised to have become taller after regularly consuming this shake.

Luigi had proven that every person has value for this world. He basked in his glory, while his cousins felt jealous of him.

(148 words)

~~~ ~~~

‘basso’ is Italian for short, and ‘alto’ means tall

Yes, it’s a faulty world where looks are promoted, and people are obsessed with enhancing their appearance, but Luigi had to prove himself within this faulty world.

I found this link: Myths about becoming a fashion-model

 Copyright © 2015 Written by Alka Girdhar