Pampering Whimpering



Pampering Whimpering

Ted! Where are you?”

Here mom! A last minute brush up for the party” Ted raised his tone as he replied from the lounge room.

I’ve been looking for you all over the place”. Mom’s face had somewhat mixed expressions as she entered the room. “What? Are you buckling up her sandals?” 

“Tiara’s dress is too tight…not easy for her to bend down. We’re already late, mom!”

“But why are you late? Don’t you think she takes a bit long to dress up for a simple party!”

Not a simple party mom! It’s my office party and I want her to look good”

“But you cooked the lunch too. Was Tiara away somewhere?”

“Mom! She was away for hair-styling!”

“Oh well! You could’ve told me. I had cooked ample food in my tiny kitchen. You never come over. Like you did when you were younger” Mom said as she began to walk towards her room

But mom, what would Tiara have eaten on coming back from the hairdo?”

“I know, she doesn’t relish my simple food”

“Mom! Be happy. We’ll come back late tonight”

The pair walked away arm in arm, laughing. Mom sighed. When she was young, Ted’s father had never been so caring. She often wondered where Ted got it from – this knack of wife pampering.

In fact, Ted did have his dad as a role model. For he did all that his dad did not do; albeit he got carried away and did that a bit too much.

© 2016 Alka Girdhar

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For:  Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers hosted by Priceless Joy

It was already Saturday when I checked this week’s prompt picture for FFfAW. Recently I had decided not to write any more stories for a while. But this prompt did the trick…again.

Modern Love Story (a short story)


A Modern Love Story

She liked him for all right reasons. Who wouldn’t want to marry this charismatic son of a steel magnate. But how to know him?  That was the problem.

When a mysterious woman miraculously invited her to one of his parties, she quickly availed it.

Looking her best was the next challenge. Her exquisite satin red gown came from a designer thrift-shop. She borrowed a pseudo-Chanel clutch from her friend and diamante stilettos from her newly wedded cousin.

All went well. Being a good dancer she impressed the rich hunk, who was anyway dandy very easy to impress. But the vibrant party was in full swing when she got too carried away. Due to her fascination for all things expensive, she couldn’t resist fine wine that was offered to one and all for free. She overdid it, and that did the job. She forgot the invitation lady’s warning; that she must get back before midnight or else her party-wear will change into her everyday apparel.

Now. Two minutes to go before midnight, before her gown turns into ripped jeans and a tee, and her heels become flip-flops… while her pseudo-Chanel purse hangs like a canvas school bag that she was wearing while still at her home, before the party.

How can she go back home so quickly? She can’t. Intoxicated that she is, she’ll have to take a bus back home next morning.

Cinderella had better sense than this gal from a modern fairy-tale.


First written for: FFfAW  a weekly story challenge.

Burst the balloons if I can…

I am not in a mood for a full-fledged party, not even in a mood to plan one as my birthday is many months to go. Moreover I don’t celebrate my birthday. At least never with much gusto.

But after reading the prompt It’s My Party I was reminded of something. When we were growing up in the 70s, one song was generally popular at most birthday parties in India. I remember once, as a little girl, I had danced feverishly to this song on my birthday.

Modern Indian songs are very subtle and much better in picture quality. This song is from a movie as old as me. See the fashion and style oozing of the bygone era, styles that have come back now. That way it’s my mother’s era but I can relate to it. Age is no barrier in life, love or friendships.


Roughly translated, the guy says to the girl
“Sunita, my heart sings to you again and again…May this day come time and again in your life. May you live for thousand years. That’s my heart’s desire!”

He further says:
“Sunita! I would have brought flowers as gift for you
how could I give flowers to someone who is herself like spring season”

“Sunita! Flowers from the garden have sent you their salute
Stars from the skies have sent you their message
My wishes are… may my sweetheart be blessed with life as long as that of moon.”

Romantic!!  What happens in the last scene of the song is what I would like to do on my party day, if I have one. I would like to jump on the balloons to burst them.


Hope it was not blasphemy to have put up a non-English song here on WP?  I hope I won’t be thrown out of Word Press blog party