On The Verge Of Breakdown…


Nature: Ambience at every step


Nature’s Cry

Too benign in her ambient harmony she is
but like most other women, she is
overworked and underpaid

She takes it all with a smile
and continues to serve and oblige
bestow food, water, shelter, respite

She bears it quietly, but at times
retaliates, blows tornadoes
fumes volcanoes, warms up too much
goes bitterly cold; she goes on strike

But merciful mother nature that she is
she quickly forgives her spoilt children
hoping her wayward brats will learn
one day soon; hope not after it’s too late

© 2017 Alka.

♣~♣~♣~ ♣~♣~♣~♣

Nature, like most women, is so calm and giving…provides free fresh air, food, water, and of course a feast of breathtaking beauty to everyone. But in return she is being taxed. Too exposed, vulnerable and defenseless in the hands of humans who are using it.

Industrial pollution has changed air composition and that of rivers.
Fossil fuel consumption, greenhouse gases are a reality.
Trees are being cut down via deforestation.
Genetic engineering and genetically modified crops are toxic for the wild life.
Ozone layer is getting depleted due to industrial gases. Global warming is looming large.
Resources are not just getting polluted but also depleted, while overpopulation means we are going to need more and more.

There are many more causes of natural and environmental breakdown…but what can we do? Can we change it?
Look around. We all can do our tiny bit, within our own community.

After all, looking after nature as also the women in your life, will  prove beneficial for the family…our world family of living beings as well as our own family and home.

~ alka ~

Save local – Help global

Fasting once a week, helps us
live longer, the wise say thus.

Fasting once a week, I attain
will-power and restraint,
learn to relate to the poor
living the deprivations they’re
compelled to live, each day forever.

Meager resources thus saved
go a slow long way, to reach
where needed the utmost
To the poorer and the hungrier
than I can ever be. My small
token of love, an effort to reduce
the poverty of the universe.  

The day I fast, I do not drive
But hop a train and calmly enjoy
Plus save the air, and celebrate
my own World Pollution-Free Day!!  


pic source: geekshine

Header pic of poor kids: cameconomist


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Think Global, Act Local.”