Digital India Project – an enormous step forward!!

This historic event happening LIVE in New Delhi right now is a huge step towards India’s progress.

Watch Live…

The power of technology and digitalization can help countries come out of their vicious cycle of poverty. Modernization will help eradicate the disconnect and the gap that exists between the very poor and the very rich within the IT savvy countries like India that have vast human resources, that is 1.2 billion people.

This is an ancient land that was rich and well-developed for centuries, but is now a developing nation, often referred to as a third-world country. Now it is moving backwards to once again become a developed nation.

Anything that can change the world to make it a better place is welcome!!


Hands Up!!


“Hands up!!  Young Lady!
Give me whatever you have!
Save your future”

I have often imagined this scenario esp. after that GPS incident.  If faced with something like this, better not argue with the goon/s. Better give them all that you have – for your life’s sake, for your future. And theirs.

Sounds easy. But the reality is, if somebody does this to me, I’ll be horrified.  I may swoon.

Now look at this picture.

syrian_child_photoThis little girl, in war-ridden parts of Syria, also looks awe-struck. But it seems like she’s quite familiar with this concept of ‘putting your hands-up’ when faced by anyone who’s carrying a mechanical thing that looks like a gun. The picture was taken by a photojournalist and shows how this child mistook the camera for gun and impulsively held her hands up in surrender.

Soon after that, a Red Cross worker had also shared a picture of another Syrian girl child raising her hands in surrender because she too thought the camera was a gun.

No chirpy childhood for such children. No play schools full of colorful toys, no school bags, no fun schooling with playful age-mates, no bright future. Their lives are on a knife-edge where at any moment they may have to ‘put their hands up’ – only to survive, only to keep themselves alive. Quality of life is not even their immediate worry.

Can we give them something? Can anyone save their future?

This pathetic situation exists in many if not most parts of the world, in some form or the other – little kids not living a life of a child.  In the egotistic power games and political rivalries of adults, these budding lives are sacrificed.


For: Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge 51
Words provided: Future & Give

Save local – Help global

Fasting once a week, helps us
live longer, the wise say thus.

Fasting once a week, I attain
will-power and restraint,
learn to relate to the poor
living the deprivations they’re
compelled to live, each day forever.

Meager resources thus saved
go a slow long way, to reach
where needed the utmost
To the poorer and the hungrier
than I can ever be. My small
token of love, an effort to reduce
the poverty of the universe.  

The day I fast, I do not drive
But hop a train and calmly enjoy
Plus save the air, and celebrate
my own World Pollution-Free Day!!  


pic source: geekshine

Header pic of poor kids: cameconomist


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Think Global, Act Local.”

Luxury Unbound

My poem in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Feeling Fancy

“You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.”

Luxury Unbound

I own an average house that needs renovation
I have a nice garden but not the best in town
I have a big TV, but just a medium car
A bigger house won’t harm me, nor would a bigger car

But anytime I visit an orphanage, or an old age home
In my heart, their sad eyes, always always leave a big scar…

This ‘one’ lucky day when I have all the funds in my hand
Will go to the poor and the destitute, and give them all I can
These little luxuries that I give, will still be huge for them
Will bountifully donate online too,  as much as I can

This luxury of free ‘giving’,  this joy of generous ‘sharing’
Could never afford this before, but now I can, now I can!!!

And…having done that, if I still have some funds left…
Will do lavish shopping, indulge myself all I can
Will buy a luxurious car and a five-star quality big house
Will send funds to my mother and save for my son’s future

And last of all oblige my hubby, by offering him money to spend
Am sure he will say ‘No’… so I’ll keep the rest…safe in my bank.


Feeling Fancy