Bright Side of Things

“Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man”
~ Pliny the Elder

Early Bird

Happy bird sings
Caught a worm and golden sun
Hopes blossomed


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Here’s some more:

Give It All
Flowers sing and die

Unheard, their beck and call
‘Give it all’



“Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”
~~Desmond Tutu

Wishful Thinking

We always see the bright side
We’re keeping our hopes alive
That the day will never come
When birds stop singing
When flowers forget to bloom
As the earth burns down
As we bring on our doom



~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

I wrote the above haiku and the short poem for two challenges.
Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge 106 hosted by Ronovan Writes. The two words for this week were Flower & Sing.
Also for Writer’s Quote Wednesday Weekly Challenge hosted by Colleen of The Silver Threading. This week’s theme was: Hope

Hope you enjoyed my poems!

Ebb and Flow Of Poetic Challenges

My participation in Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge is very unpredictable. It all depends upon the ebb and flow of fluids within my grey matter.

The two words provided to us this week:  Tide & Flesh.


Flesh and blood humans
Riding on the tides of time
Helpless dummies


Go with the flow
Or use might against the tide
Triumph be the goal


Burn yourself out
Melt your flesh and bone
Tides will change


Nation advances
A rising tide lifts all boats
All lives boom


Causing big tides
Mighty Moon flexes its muscles
I rule the Earth!!


Receding tides brought
A mermaid’s body on the beach
Sea’s beautiful gift



Yayyyy!!  (still counting the haiku).

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

Miss the Past

I’m getting addicted to writing Haikus though still not sure about rules for a Haiku.
Playing the game without knowing rigid rules and winning it too.
For Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge, this week the two words provided were:


Here’s my bunch lot:

1). miss you because
     the past is gone
     will forever miss you

2). missed my dad for years
     relived the past often
     often had tears

3). all that is gone
     is past and bygone
     miss it, be woebegone

4). time sneaked past me
     was gone too soon
     a case of hit and miss

5). do not miss the past
     live in the present
     eyes on the future

In my first two Haikus I do not regret remembering the past, I’m allowing myself to be nostalgic about all those people I loved, family or friends, who are no more a part of my present life. Thus I accept the act of missing the past. The first Haiku also shows the time continuum, as the act of missing occurs because the ‘past is gone’ but the missing will continue in the future too. Life is one big whole from past to future.

In my next three Haikus I adopt a tone of either regret and denial or a realisation and wisdom about transitory nature of life, also practicality about how realistic we ought to be.

But hey!! My words for this Haiku Challenge are one too many, like always. This time I tried to put lesser explanation as these Haikus are pretty much self-explanatory. Moreover, I need to curb my need to explain. I have been a teacher thrice in my life, but each time it was for a short time. Forced to leave as moved to a different city each time.

haunting past dreams
unfulfilled desires
missed opportunities

Therefore, the teacher in me can’t help coming out to sermonize. You all are free to stop me anytime I explain too much.  Just raise your hand and say to me:

Miss!! you spoke too much
it’s past your class time
off you go please  

Ok I heard it. I will leave soon, before you get haiku overdose.
Just this last bit…this one’s a bit off-track though:

I checked the full list
of all the past miss worlds
she is the best fit

That’s it.  Thanks for reading it so patiently.
Please feel free to comment, discuss and share your views on any of my posts. 


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