When Life Turns Malignant, Life is Our Greatest Bliss

Ask a person living on the margins of life
Months, days, hours, minutes to live.
Every breath matters. Life seems so beautiful!
The greatest bliss in this world is ‘life’!!

Life, that resides inside our tiny cells
A miniscule complex invisible world
Complete in itself…with nucleus, cytoplasm
Mitochondria, the powerhouses…
Life, the hectic motion of cell molecules
That sustain us, as we sustain them

Have you ever bothered about little cells
Inside your tissues and bones? They exist.
But do you ever think they are gorgeous?
Or superb? Or wonderful?
Are you thankful to your good cells?
Are you aware of their power?

No. We assume we are the stalwarts
Able bodied and alive. Cells merely reside in us.
Oh! But aren’t we just an ensemble of cells?
Walking talking cell-clusters of all shapes and kinds
Then why would cells not matter!

For a cancer patient, every cell matters
How many white blood cells, red blood cells
good cells, bad cells…cell count counts!
Debilitating fear prevails, of some sickly cell
traveling to distant healthy body parts

To install another tumor that devastates.

The sole purpose of life, then centers around

Despising malignant cells – throwing them out
Loving healthy cells – feeding them with goodies
Healthy cells equal life, unhealthy cells a step closer to demise.
Every good cell matters, it’s meant to be nurtured and fed
Every bad cell too matters, for it needs to have an end
Each cells matters in this battle, of tightly holding on to dear life!!

We live by cells. Cells become life. Cells are life.
It’s as if deadly cells know they are all powerful
Angry disordered clumsy beings that turn malicious
Cause havoc, with loving sober cells they begin a fight.

But cells live by us, as they need us for their very life.
For only we can feed them, as they don’t have a mouth
Bad cells depend on us, they eat what we eat. They lose power
Food becomes our power, to save robust cells and their life.

That day is not far when we shall selectively feed
 healthy cells
While killing only bad cells, depriving crooked villians of their life

Victory over cancer will one day redeem many precious lives

Sure, life in our healthy cells is a precious gift, greatest of all
When life begins to get exhausted of living, true bliss it is
To relish each and every moment…of what we call life !!



I started the above poem with bliss of life in my mind. But given that I have closely seen a few cancer patients at various stages of this malady, and talked to many more of those suffering while I happened to visit cancer wards, the poem took a different turn and became not only complex but also out of tune and form. Disorganized, like malignant cells.

Victory of life is about good cells and bad cells…more so for those fighting with cancer. Besides other reasons, cancer cells win when they are fed enough for them to become overpowering. They compel good cells to commit suicide.

Also, “Cancer cell do not drive the growth and spread of tumors alone — they can bully their healthy neighbours into helping them.”

Thus, they are baddies through and through. One day when science is able to cut off all kinds of support to bad cells, that is when there will be cancer cure.

~~~ ~~~

#WorldCancerDay #WeCanICan .

Quantum Professors




Quantum Professors

“Hellllooo Professor! Nice to meet you!”

“Ha Ha! A long way to go still”, amused Josh laughed it away.

“Well Mr Quantum! Aren’t you almost there, as you’ve started teaching at your own university? That’s pretty much like being a professor”

“Just a quantum bit”, replied Mr Quantum, aka Joshua, a twenty-two Continue reading

Katsaridaphobia – a fear of…



Not some beach beauty
Lying supine on its back
With upward knee-bent legs

This is a creepy crawly
Sprayed to its death
Waiting for its last breath

Unable to turn its back
And get back on its feet
Lies inert and helpless

Feels life through its feelers
Vigorously jiggles its skinny legs
Then goes numb and number

It implores – Help! Help! Help!!
Its sight gives us shivers
As we say – Eww! Ick! Yuck!


Whether it‘s some hyper-active – alive and kicking – big red cockroach causing scare all around or a half-dead roach lying on its back, it is always a creepy sight.

Once a roach is sighted, a quick decision has to be made, and thereafter, the whole process of chasing it so as to spray insecticide on it with our shaky hands, and then see it running haywire trying to somehow save its life, is a nightmarish thing.

You do not want to kill it, but what to do.
You’re afraid of him (it) and he’s afraid of you
You can either love them or hate them
You can save yourself or save them. 

So, faced with this dire situation that demands immediate action, we cannot help but spray lethal liquid on its shiny creepy body and render it immobile.  Having lost all control on its life, he (it) lies completely helpless on its back.

Nowadays I cope better with my Katsaridahobia, Shmobia. With mindful thinking, I have conditioned my mind to cope with it. No, not by trying not to avoid it, rather by looking at it directly for a while. I’ve also learnt to think in terms of inclusiveness. Nothing in this world is ugly. No creature is good or bad.
All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful…The Lord God made them all.


The above picture was self-clicked. For more creepy fun have a look here, but the faint at heart to please stay away from this link.

Blue Moon Love

I think about you
Only once in a blue moon.
But the moon is never blue
Or is it forever blue?

Melting moon changes phases
This fickle trickster teases.
My love in not like a blue moon
For it’s forever true, forever blue.

All Rights Reserved ©2015 Alka Girdhar


Today is a Blue Moon day (31st July, 2015).  The one that is in the common saying “Once in a blue moon”
A moon that actually looks blue is a very rare sight. Full moon appears blue only when the atmosphere is filled with dust or smoke particles of a certain size;  say after a storm or a volcanic eruption.
Which means, in reality, there is nothing like blue moon. The moon is never blue. It only appears to be so because of smoke and all.
Which also means if this concept of ‘blue moon’ is more of our imagination, then it is up to us to assume moon is always blue. True love is like that. Always the same.


The blue picture was borrowed from a free picture site, hence my poem is more appropriate for Jennifer’s color your world challenge – Midnight blue

A Fateful Union – Jupiter & Venus

venus-jupiterWe converge tonight
Oh! What a sight
For enchanted onlookers

We come close
As close as we can be.
But destined to drift apart

While we are here
Let’s make the most
Of union that’s meant to be


The two planets that are actually millions of kilometers apart, appear very close tonight. After three days like this, they will again drift apart.

Scientists call this phenomenon a conjunction. Circumstances where two celestial bodies appear to be very close together in the sky, but actually they’re separated by millions or hundreds of millions of miles or even light years.

Refract My Colors…

Light dispersion illustration.

Poem:  Refract My Colors


I have been…

pure as White
colorless and blanched

If you

become my prism
refract my inner colours

I will

colour your world
to be your spectrum


Till now I’ve been…

austere as Orange
prim and pristine

If you scatter my being
I will be …

bright as Yellow
passionate as Red
royal as Violet
sincere as Indigo


If you like anyone
more than me, I’ll go…

Green with envy
Red with rage

If you tell me
you love me, I’ll be…

calm as Blue
warm as Orange

But let me be sometimes…

mysterious as Black
dark and alluring

And sometimes be…

White (again)
lustrous and radiating this time


With all my hues
thus absorbed in you
you’ll be…

powerful as Black
Happy and Complete!!!


You then…

spread my colors around
to brighten some washed-out lives!


© 2015 Alka Girdhar

**** ****


At the time I wrote my above poem ‘Refract My Colors‘, I was going through a bad day. I had got sudden news that an elderly person in my family was going to be operated within an hour. It was a very tense half-day.

What happened then. Well, I prayed for some time. Also, to stop myself from thinking too much about this risky operation, I put on the TV and switched channels.

I was not in a mood for sentimental soap operas or dry news stories about politicians or crime. So I sat there watching Fashion TV.  FTV is one place where, at least for some time, we can indulge in fine sensual experience without any emotions. I stayed there.

During that hour, the designer was promoting his colorful collection in Milan Fashion Week. I took some pictures straightway – yes I clicked at the TV.  Of course the models on the ramp were moving so the blur shows in some pictures. But vivid colors they are – the black and white of the background, along with the dresses, caps and bags depicting the whole spectrum of colors..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This vivid and cheerful ramp show on Fashion TV colored my world during my sensitive and anxious phase.

Similar is the influence of a rainbow and the colors in our garden. The clothes that we wear, not only help us in our own moods but also that of others around us.  And after absorbing the moods of these colors, we spread this happiness or unhappiness around.

**** ****

I wrote the above poem in response to the writing prompt:  Roy G. Biv

“Write about anything you’d like, but make sure that all seven colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet — make an appearance in the post, either through word or image.”.

Header Pic source:  Spectrum by GrandMaster-J5 deviant
Prism Image source


© 2015 Alka Girdhar

God!!…Keep Me Afloat…

These are the pictures I took as I saw an airship hovering over my house, in the skies above.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The airship had a business name on it: Appliances Online.  I wasn’t sure my camera will capture the name but it did. The airship kept moving around and changed angles.

Nothing unusual about it, right?  These are not an unusual sight except that I kept calling it a ‘float’.  Later in the day I was corrected by my somewhat amused son who said these are called airships. Now was it that funny?  Don’t they just float around?

I did more research on the term ‘airship’. And bingo…these are also called zeppelin and blimps. I’m sure my sonny doesn’t know this much.

I will now try writing a poem on these cute egg-shaped floats…errr blimps…

To keep their business afloat
the tycoons float in the air
their airships and floats
that float round and round.
But what a sight and spectacle for
awe-struck people on the ground.

How does it feel to have a short ride on one of these, just go around the city. One day we may have one such means of commuting/transportation.

A search on Mr Google provided a page from Sydney Morning Herald that has information on the workings of this particular float, I mean blimp. See how they work plus enjoy a musical song on blimps.
Have a look:    blimp my ride


That was my response to Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Faithless Interview

Bewildered that I was
which fictional character
apt for the Interview?

My atheist son
came from nowhere
thus resolved my issue…

What’s the confusion?
Open a religious book
characters there are many

Geeta, Bible, Quraan, all
Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, all
pick one, pick any.

The heroes of these stories
want you faithfuls to love
you became each other’s enemy??


I don’t endorse
all of his views
I believe in One and all

As usual I snubbed him
At times, pictures work
when all verbal logic falls


Are these unborn atheists also fictional?


I previously had a similar argument with this wannabe physicist/scientist.
Please read  Agree to Disagree.

The above poem was in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: The Interview
“Interview your favorite fictional character.


Picture source: baby

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

Creepy Reward


We clicked this picture while bush-walking in Carlingford area of Sydney and captured this insect being trapped and the spider eating it. The overall blurred picture shows the hues of this spider and insect duo quite vividly

Spider's Reward

Inspired me to write a poem:

She spins a web
But means no harm
Just wants her feast
Her daily dinner.

A gullible fly
Flies into this web
Of sticky threads
With no exit.

For her it’s a prey
But also a reward
Of her clever labor
She’s so happy!!!

It is creepy. And it might seem like merciless killing.  In our eyes, this insect is a victim but it’s a reward for this spider for all her smart hard-work.  Weird ways of nature!!

By the look of it, this spider seems to be Andrew’s Cross Spider.  They construct a large web and are common during summers in the bush and gardens around homes. Living in Australia, we need to be able to identify spiders, esp. the Australian Funnel Web spider which is extremely venomous.

For more information on these spiders:  AustralianMuseum


“Vividly Creepy Reward.” 


© Copyright Alka Girdhar

Ego and Id

Let Me Be Me

me and my clone
will have a good time

I’ll watch movies
she’ll wash the dishes

me fashion and grooming
she mopping and brooming

 while I read shopping tags
she’ll carry my shopping bags

while I write poems
she pays the bills

she will be sick
but me fit and fine

one day she will die
forever I’ll survive

If that sounds mean
then let me be me

already have Ego and Id
Jekyll and Hyde in me


pic source: google

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: Clone Wars 

“If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?”