Very Freshly Unpressed…

I forgive ‘them’
For not Freshly Pressing
My original posts ever.

Every post of mine
Shining super star
Goes Freshly Unpressed

God! Forgive them
For they know not
What they’re missing!

God!  Get them
To know me better.
Help me forget their sins.


Can you all relate to that?  It was all in good humor. Of course it’s not (completely) true. We are amateur bloggers with mediocre and unexceptional blogging skills. It’s been a few months of learning experience and lots to learn as we go.

To the prompt now. Actually I sensed that some of you had already written what I wanted to write about this prompt – Forgive and Forget?.  All my usual solemn stuff, about life lessons learnt etc etc.  So I laughed it away, trying to make the Happiness Engineers feel guilty 🙂

Of course most lives are full of instances where we have to forgive our own people, or the people we love the most, for things that these people should not have done because they are ‘our own people’. That’s the very reason this question of forgiveness arises in the first place. But we need these people.
We often try to forgive all those we need in our life and cannot do without. We forget all others.

Karma takes care of everything – read my poem