Hallucinating Humans


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Hallucinating Humans

Such perfect presumptions
About our advancement
We have, while we continue to
Annihilate our imperfect race
Hatred consummate
(Un)predictable fate

© 2016 Alka Girdhar


. Unpredictable

Hands Up!!


“Hands up!!  Young Lady!
Give me whatever you have!
Save your future”

I have often imagined this scenario esp. after that GPS incident.  If faced with something like this, better not argue with the goon/s. Better give them all that you have – for your life’s sake, for your future. And theirs.

Sounds easy. But the reality is, if somebody does this to me, I’ll be horrified.  I may swoon.

Now look at this picture.

syrian_child_photoThis little girl, in war-ridden parts of Syria, also looks awe-struck. But it seems like she’s quite familiar with this concept of ‘putting your hands-up’ when faced by anyone who’s carrying a mechanical thing that looks like a gun. The picture was taken by a photojournalist and shows how this child mistook the camera for gun and impulsively held her hands up in surrender.

Soon after that, a Red Cross worker had also shared a picture of another Syrian girl child raising her hands in surrender because she too thought the camera was a gun.

No chirpy childhood for such children. No play schools full of colorful toys, no school bags, no fun schooling with playful age-mates, no bright future. Their lives are on a knife-edge where at any moment they may have to ‘put their hands up’ – only to survive, only to keep themselves alive. Quality of life is not even their immediate worry.

Can we give them something? Can anyone save their future?

This pathetic situation exists in many if not most parts of the world, in some form or the other – little kids not living a life of a child.  In the egotistic power games and political rivalries of adults, these budding lives are sacrificed.


For: Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Challenge 51
Words provided: Future & Give

Faithless Interview

Bewildered that I was
which fictional character
apt for the Interview?

My atheist son
came from nowhere
thus resolved my issue…

What’s the confusion?
Open a religious book
characters there are many

Geeta, Bible, Quraan, all
Krishna, Jesus, Mohammed, all
pick one, pick any.

The heroes of these stories
want you faithfuls to love
you became each other’s enemy??


I don’t endorse
all of his views
I believe in One and all

As usual I snubbed him
At times, pictures work
when all verbal logic falls


Are these unborn atheists also fictional?


I previously had a similar argument with this wannabe physicist/scientist.
Please read  Agree to Disagree.

The above poem was in response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: The Interview
“Interview your favorite fictional character.


Picture source: baby

© 2015 Alka Girdhar

War and Fame – for Haiku Challenge

Weekly Haiku Challenge

my five haikus on
War and Fame
meaning explained

war kills people
freedom killed by
fame, both lame

(War is meant to destroy the enemy and killing is a normal and expected part of the game.
Fame is supposed to bring one’s name to limelight but if there ever was freedom and privacy in one’s life then that finishes as one gets famous. Your time, your life is in other people’s hands or the media rules you, like it was with Princess Diana.)

a hero of war
famed in one nation
the other defames

(A war hero returns home after destroying the enemy and is hailed for his valour and efforts, he wins awards and gets famous. But does the enemy nation whose personals were destroyed, see him as a hero or an anti-hero?  Thus, it’s all relative)

war versus. fame
war never good
fame good or bad

(War is never good as the very purpose at the outset in far from noble, and the result is destruction and absence of peace.
Fame, if a result of positive deeds, is good if one can handle it well. It may go to a person’s head but still not as bad as war if popularity is due to good work.
But of course there is something called bad name or defamation, which is not considered good or desirable.)

fame brings envy
envy causes war
fame brings war

(Your name and fame, esp if it is also accompanied by power and wealth, may give you happiness but that may not make everyone around you happy. In fact many people would be envious of you and pick up petty fights. Thus indirectly fame has the capacity to bring war – big or small – among families, friends and neighbours.)

when one gets fame
one is at war, is it
worth getting fame?

(Often people seem to be desirous of getting fame as we have one life and we should not vanish into oblivion. Alternatively, people do not desire fame but it’s a by-product of other kinds of success.  But everything comes with a price and so once the fame arrives, then the conflict may arise whether it was worth getting fame or was a quiet simple life good when there were not many demands)


These were my five entries for Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge.  I can’t help sending multiple poems, for when my pen writes…it writes and writes.

Which one of these do you like?

Ronowan Writes Haiku


© All rights reserved 2015

Tug of war

Tug of war

he said this
she said this
then she said this
then he said this

she attacks
he defends
he attacks
she defends

thank you
she said
no more please
and away she walked

after ages
he broke the ice
said it was she
who began the fight

the whole day
she sulked
she denied
she cried

god knows why
she called him
and apologized

in the day
her phone buzzed
she smiled
she knew for sure
it was his call


This kind of tiff can occur between any two people, married or not married couples, same sex best friends or even say parents and their adult children. Often, one party feels pushed to the corner. Giving up ego is the only solution.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Tight Corner.”

~~ Alka Girdhar ~~
27 Dec 2014

© All rights reserved 2014

Ode to Terrorists


So you think you are smart, don’t you?
Yeah sure you live in your pipe dreams

Wow!! You are real men, aren’t you?
With power to thunder and create havoc

You want to scare us, want to terrorize
How desperately you seek our hatred!

We don’t hate you, but we do pity
Pity your sickness, your pathetic mind

You disgust us but we don’t hate you
No time to hate, we’re too full of love

You kill, we embrace our dead like never before
Million bouquets united us all at Martin Place

The heroes you killed, will live on in our hearts
And you? You lived alone, died alone, to be forgotten

You loner! You loser! Can’t you see?
You became weak, we became strong!!

You killed school kids in Peshawar, fragile and sweet
In our love for these kids, we forgot to hate you

We tender humans cried freely for the departed
You macho cowards made us cry, then run and hide

You hide your face before killing, and after killing
You live a cloaked and masked dead life

You give terror, we become strength
You give hatred, we become love

You’ll lose your games!!  We will win!!!
It’s that simple…


I wrote this poem after Sydney Terror Seige  in December, 2014 and soon after that massacre of innocent children inside Peshawar school
Who would not be moved by such videos: school children and bodies

My feelings are now apt for current France Terror Attack.  Sadly nothing’s changed….

© All rights reserved 2014