Bonfire vs Bushfire

My earlier response to the PhotoChallenge  “Warmth.”  was about all-consuming destructive bush-fires in Australia.

But the same fire becomes a boon if it provides right amount of warmth in extremely cold weather, as it does during Lohri festival of north India.
Today, on the 9th of January, it is Lohri festival dedicated to fire and sun god.

lohri-2 (1)

Bonfire during Lohri festival in India

People gather around a bonfire, sing and dance to vibrant drum-beats and there are all sorts of warming sweets and special delicacies.

Lohri represents fire in its warm (not hot) celebratory form.

Hot as can be: Inferno

For:  One Word Photo Challenge  ‘Hot’ and Wildfire

Bush Fire in Melbourne Hellish warmth

Bush Fire in Melbourne
Hellish warmth

Fire provides warmth…
We are composed of fire
Life force is fire
Love is fire
Food’s rendered edible with fire

But in its extreme form
This fire is torturous hell
An wild inferno… 

These two pictures were taken during Australian Bush fires – Melbourne, in 2009. These are the only pictures that I did not click but I’m sending for a Word Press photo challenge. But these are the ultimate in natural disaster, also extreme in something hellish ‘hot’ so I am posting them.

Bush fires are common during Australian summers. They engulf precious lives and burn down thousands of homes in no time.


Previously posted in response to The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: “Warmth.”