It Always Rises Back, After The Fall

thunder moon

I am telling you
I’ve seen it all
with my own eyes.
Again and again
the full moon
reduces and shrinks,
fades and vanishes
to become a new moon
dark and lustre-less.

But miraculous for it
to grow back its antlers
bit by bit, inch by inch.
Regain its full bloom
shine proud, like never before

Does it even care
it’s soon to have
another fading session,
another dark round of
obscurity and oblivion?
Because it learnt early on
how to return, for a new harvest
how to shine again…after the fall.

© 2016-17 Alka Girdhar

…. …. ….

Today, it’s the full moon day, called Thunder Moon or Full Buck moon.

“...a buck’s antlers are in full growth mode. Known as the Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month…” (I suppose, in the US, and not elsewhere)

This poem, being my comeback post, is not my best attempt. But I hope, like full moon, I too will be able to come back from time to time 🙂

7 thoughts on “It Always Rises Back, After The Fall

  1. Hello Alka. Lovely poem. Bit dark but also one with a lot of hope. Nicely tied in with the full moon – full moon which always seems to bring around more unusual things than usual. Love the obscurity and oblivion line. Sometimes we toe that line when we feel that things are out of control, and if we go slow it’s how we learn to stay afloat and see another day. Hope all is well and take care.

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    • Hi Mabel! Thanks for dropping by and appreciating the poem. It’s that the law of universe operates in such a manner, that physical objects wax and wane, rise and fall cyclically. For humans too, hope comes from accepting this natural pattern. Our lives too are like that. As for me, things are better now. Hope you are doing good!

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